Fruity ice cubes for summer drinks

How about a little something different today? I’m so tapped out with all the horrible stories coming at me from every direction…I’m feeling kind of uninspired. I’m also suffering from insomnia which, in itself, hasn’t been a bad thing; I’ve been writing fiction and getting better at it. Perhaps soon I will feel ready to share some of it…

But today, let’s talk about drinks. Spiked drinks. 🙂

I’m not actually talking about alcoholic beverages, although this idea would suit for that purpose too.

Here’s the thing. I like water or sparking water but it gets kind of boring after a while. So I add things like lemon, or lime to my H2O.

With summer and the heat though, I usually also add ice. So, instead of slicing up limes every time I want to flavour my beverages, then add ice cubes to my glass, I thought I could combine the idea.

I decided to freeze lime slices with a bit of lime juice mixed with water. I bought some extra ice cube trays at the Dollar Store for this purpose.

I love these handy little flavoured ice cubes in my sparkling water or wine spritzers.

My kids like them too and always steal them for their own fuzzy drinks. So I made some variations.

I made a tray of lemon cubes, and another of frozen raspberries. My girl child likes to pop the berry ones into her lemonade.

Sometimes, fresh peaches get a little soft. They too get sliced up and frozen. Or I just get a bag of frozen peaches.

Popping frozen fruit into a rose, or sparkling wine not only keeps your drink cold, it enhances its flavour. And, most importantly, these cubes don’t dilute the drink…

It’s so easy to make and so handy when you need a little boost.

Lime is my favorite.

What’s yours?

12 thoughts on “Fruity ice cubes for summer drinks

  1. My other half does this – we even have special ice cube trays with slots through the boxes for lemon slices. I think my favourite ice cube tray we ever had came in a loot-crate – we had Avengers ice cubes for one entire summer 🙂

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  2. I keep thinking I’m going to try this with coffee for iced coffee drinks as I can’t stand it when they get watered down, but I’ve never gotten around to it. BG is the one that likes them the most and I normally just make her a batch and stick it the fridge. I still want to try these though. I can see how this would be amazing for sangria. Might have to try that one out with fruit and juice to make the cubes.

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    1. I made coffee cubes before, so easy! I have a le creuset french press (a gift) and on a day when I’m alone but know I don’t want to drink a whole pot of coffee by myself I pour half of it into ice cube trays. It’s perfect! Blender to make it slushy and voila. Iced coffee that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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