Monday answers to your questions – part II

It’s Monday again and I have more answers to your questions you asked me in this post as well as the follow-up reminder post.

Last week I answered the questions by IM Fletcher and Deb who asked me related questions about my flight attendant days. Click here to see their inquiries and my responses.

Remaining questions will be addressed on future Mondays so don’t despair if you haven’t seen yourself mentioned yet. There were 16 people in total who asked me things, and I did take my time to respond accurately and honestly, which you can imagine does take some time.

So here is the next group of questions:

Week of August 5 – part II: Questions about my Swiss nationality

Questions by Bereaved Single Dad

Q: Where do you stand on the Swiss Cheese Fondue debate – I never enjoyed them.

A: I like them, but not in summer. πŸ™‚

The Swiss typically eat fondue (or raclette) in winter, after an outdoor activity such as skiing. At least this is what my mom tells me. Over the years tourists visiting Switzerland wanted to try fondues while in the country no matter what the season so some places started offering fondues and raclettes even in the height of summer. I was just there recently as you know (early July), and at that time they experienced an unusual heat wave. We walked around downtown Zurich in the quaint, old part of town and there were people on the patios, most likely tourists, enjoying fondue. πŸ˜‚

Q: Which place or country do you think would inspire you most to write.

A: The southern Italian part of Switzerland because I just spent time there and would love to go back again. But the Wallis and other mountainous regions in Switzerland likely would have the same inspiring effect. Parts of Canada as well, probably because there’s no place like home. There are some gorgeous spots down by Niagara Falls in a quaint town called Niagara-on-the-lake. Another lovely spot to write would be in Prince Edward County, about a three hour drive east of Toronto (and not to be confused with Prince Edward Island which is a province of Canada I have not yet visited). πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Questions by Cupcakecache and Joni of The Home Place Web who wanted to know the same answers

Q: You may have already answered this and I missed it. Why did you grow up in Switzerland?

A: I grew up in a small city called Uster which is in the Canton of Zurich. I was 2 when we moved there (I was born in Toronto so I am Canadian) and I left, returned to Canada, when I was almost 12. It had something to do with a job for my dad via my mom’s godfather who was my great-uncle (I may be getting this wrong). My mom is Swiss and grew up there.

Q: Do you have dual citizenship?

A: Yes. My mom applied for my sister and I (she is two years younger than I am) to become Swiss Citizens. My brother was born in Switzerland, so for him it’s the reverse. He had to apply for Canadian Citizenship when we moved to Canada in 1980. He is four years younger then I.

Q: Would you prefer to live there with your family or Canada?

A: I definitely want to continue to live in Canada, especially since I’ve just returned from a vacation in Switzerland. I love Switzerland, but it’s the kind of country I want to visit and vacation in, not live in. There are many reasons, but ultimately I have become very comfortable here in my little Canadian corner and all it offers me and my family, so there are no plans to uproot anyone and head back to my childhood stomping ground permanently.

Upcoming schedule for the remaining questions:

Week of August 12 – part III: Questions about personal likes, social media and inspiration

Questions were posed by AlienResort, Joan Enoch Writes, Walter, dfolstad58

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  1. I used to know someone who went to boarding school somewhere in Switzerland, not sure where. But her school had it’s own ski slope and she learned to ski during P.E. πŸ™‚

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