First world problems: emptying the dishwasher

I have a question for you, but before I give you my own answer, I want to explain something.

First, the question.

If you have a dishwasher, what part of emptying it do you hate the most?

I realize that not everyone has a dishwasher. I didn’t have one for most of my adult life.

The first time I ever had a functioning dishwasher in any place I lived (including my parents’ home) was when I was pregnant with my second. That makes me late 30s. We were remodeling the basement and since all the walls and ceiling were open down there, the plumber suggested now would be the time to insert pipes for a dishwasher…

We bit the bullet and got one installed right before the girl child was born.

Turns out this appliance was quite fascinating for her when she turned into a toddler…

Baby girl at around 8 months
Still around 8 months…something in there was fascinating.
Ah yes, the little helper girl. What did happen to that girl?

Note to self: show these pictures to the current tween girl and explain to her how this was an activity she used to enjoy. πŸ™‚

Later, after we remodeled the main floor which included a major overhaul of the very old, 1960s style kitchen, we naturally kept the dishwasher. It was a luxury we had come to appreciate, especially when the children were still very tiny (and unable to help out).

Today, they are tasked with emptying the dishwasher on a regular basis. We also explained that when we say ’empty the dishwasher’ it should be understood that this also means ‘reload it with the new, dirty dishes’. They didn’t make that association without someone outlining the steps and expectations. (That would have been me. Boo.)

They have gotten better at this now that they are older. πŸ™‚

Anyway, there are times when I do the dishwasher. And here’s the answer to my question:

The part I hate the most is the cutlery thingy.

I get so frustrated at the sheer amount of cutlery this family uses, even on days when we don’t seem to have more than one proper meal. I mean, how many times do you need to use a new spoon to stir your tea? Can you not just rinse it quick and then re-use it an hour later when you make more tea?

The worst part is they take a fresh spoon, use it, then leave it ABOVE the dishwasher (for me to put away?) and then return later and take out a new spoon to stir something again. πŸ™„

Don’t even get me stared on the glasses. There are four of us and three of us use about 3768 glasses each day. 😡


The proper way to empty the cutlery thingy is to take the spoons out and put them in the drawer in its designated spot. Then the forks, and knives. Right? This is what normal people do. This is what I usually do. Except…I’m not normal.

Sometimes I have moods or rage or simply just feel exasperated. πŸ˜€

Which is why I do this sometimes:

Which then leads the drawer to look like this:

Which means I have to sort and re-organize the drawer to make it look tidy and, you know, normal, like it’s supposed to.

Anyway, one time I had emptied the entire cutlery thing into the drawer like that and then got distracted and forgot to come back and sort it. My teenage son was unimpressed. He couldn’t understand that someone who appeared to have OCD when it comes to order and tidiness, could just dump the entire contents of the cutlery thingy into the drawer and walk away from it before it was sorted.

My reaction?

Welcome to my life.

Or I may have said “cry me a river”.


25 thoughts on “First world problems: emptying the dishwasher

  1. Brilliant idea showing daughter the picture of her enjoying unloading! I laughed so hard for a good two minutes about that! Genius!

    I’d have to agree, the silverware, etc is the most tedious part of unloading. Although putting the dishes away is boring, too. Bleh, chores! 😊😊

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  2. The only thing I dislike about emptying the dishwasher is I have to empty it to the counter, then close the dishwasher to reach to put away dishes or glasses. The silverware is the only easy part for me.

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    1. Yes I can see how that would be annoying. My daughter stacks stuff on the counter because she needs a step stool to reach the cabinets but forgoes this because she doesn’t feel like doing an extra step when doing this chore. Then I come into the kitchen and there’s a whole row of stacked dishes underneath the cabinets instead of IN the cabinets…


  3. I do all the dishes in my house – with the dishwasher. I tend to be protective of it and rarely ask for help. I asked my son to empty it a few times – he’s almost 20, but he amazingly doesn’t know where anything goes in the kitchen. We switched to all red solo cups a few years ago and yes, we wash them in the dishwasher. They last about 3 washings. I couldn’t imagine having real glasses anymore. Coffee cups are a different story – we have maybe 10 mugs and they rotate accordingly. I am not sure I hate putting anything away. I guess the lids for pans. All of our pan lids are in this one cabinet and for no real reason, I drag my feet the most at putting pan lids back. Sometimes I’ll sit them on the table and do them later. Yes, I’ve dumped the silverware out in the drawer, but not often. The dishwasher is so very therapeutic for me, as is the washing machine and dryer. You put dirty stuff in, wait a while, and clean stuff comes out. It’s like magic. My wife says the one time I freaked out, and she remembers it, is when the dishwasher broke. I really did freak out, too. Something about emptying the sink and cleaning the kitchen just feels so right.


  4. I silently peeve about emptying the dishwasher, especially the cutlery plus the dish rack after I washed those dishes also. However my son took over the garden weeding so I don’t complain out loud to him, I don’t weed very well, my wife complains I pull out the plants! Plus my wife makes coffee in the morning so I can’t complain to her either.

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  5. Yes, I think much of the solution to all this is to have two dishwashers – thinking about it, I don’t like unloading the dishwasher at all – so the kitchen is full of used dishes until you make space in the dishwasher! Much more efficient to just have two. Must get that extension built! By the way, it has been on our news (in UK) about Fortnite. Prince Harry thinks it should be banned because it is too addictive. it must be serious. However, they are having a world cup – and the people going to it seem to be mostly the age of your teen.

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    1. We stayed at a vacation house last year that had two dishwashers. I could see liking that. Looking for something? It’s always IN the dishwasher. You could probably get in the habit of having one clean one and one dirty one at all times – wouldn’t that be relaxing?

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  6. The worst thing about emptying the dishwasher is the whining my male teen does as he is responsible for doing half (his sister does the other half) when she is away, he needs to do it all, and that causes major issues. I have yet to get them regularly reloading. still working on that.

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  7. I cannot stand unloading the dishwasher and I honestly have no real reason other than it is this tedious task. Maybe because from the time I was tall enough to reach the lowest shelf on the upper cabinets, it was my job. A job my brother was never required to do. Now, I have a sort of rule/agreement with Hubby. I cook, he cleans, which means the dishes are his. We also have the kids do them if there is a load ready to be put away before Hubby gets home from work. It helps that Hubby and my kids are way more particular than I am and not having them done bothers them a lot sooner than it bothers me. There are days that if it were up to me, we’d live out of the dishwasher rather than the cabinets, I hate putting them away that much.

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    1. Someone at my previous work once suggested that we really should have two dishwashers, because in busy families, the dishes really don’t spend a lot of time in cupboards. πŸ™‚

      I do 90% of the cooking, they do by default 70% of the cleanup. I say 70% because after they’re done, I go back and do the parts they left. That’s the OCD in me. πŸ˜›

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  8. I just got a dishwasher when I remodeled my old 60’s kitchen, so I am enjoying it, but I’m amazed about how much I am using it even for just one person. When you wash your dishes by hand after each meal, (I am a bit OCD about leaving dirty dishes in the sink), you don’t notice how things pile up. I’m especially enjoying it when baking or cooking a big meal. I would say unloading the cutlery is the most annoying thing though. Teenagers don’t realize how spoiled they are today – when I was young we had to wash and dry everything by hand after supper, and a big meal like Christmas/Thanksgiving would take 3 hours to do the dishes! But on the plus side, we would talk while we did it, so it was family time.

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    1. Yes. When we all pitch in after a big meal it’s a social thing that can be pleasant at times. πŸ™‚

      My parents never got used to a dishwasher either. For just the two of them they do all by hand.

      When my family is away at camping I do my few items by hand too.

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  9. No more dishwasher. My apartment is old and way too small for one. I’m fine with that though as it’s just me. I never minded unloading so much. It’s the bathroom I dislike as a chore…and still do!

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