Reminder: ask me something

On Monday I posted an invitation to ask me questions. Quite a few of you (12) have sent me some which I will answer next Monday.

I may have to break up the questions by type and publish as a series, otherwise the post will become too long and rambling.

If you would like to ask me something, click here to see the short post on that topic.

Or just drop a comment and ask me your questions. The rules are simple:

Be kind and respectful and remember this is a family blog. If you have a question that’s a little more…outlandish (ha) you can use the contact link and email it to me privately.

How’s everyone’s hump day shaping up today?

Mine is going to be filled with laziness, writing, dog walking, big batch Mexican beef cooking and laundry. And hopefully more writing. I won’t have time to write Thursday, and maybe not on Friday either, so today is my day to dip my pen into my ink pot.

9 thoughts on “Reminder: ask me something

  1. What is your opinion about social media?
    Social media or blogs, what’s your preference?
    Are blogs also a social network?
    Do you think they’re both similar or have differences?
    -Excuse me my English writing is not perfect-

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  2. I’m still in catch-up mode I think after having a granddaughter over night last week and then the grand dog again over the weekend. Our weather has turned cooler again so I should be out taking stock of my little garden area, yet I linger over coffee and WP posts…

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