Artistic impressions and the questions they leave

When we went to old Zurich on our last day of vacation in Switzerland, we walked by a gallery where I saw this sculpture.

The artist’s name is Alexander E. Raber, and I wish I had gone in to look around. 🙂 (The gallery was closed, unfortunately, at that time.)

I have some questions:

  • Why doesn’t the man have legs?
  • Is it because he doesn’t exist, and is only a figment of her imagination?
  • Is she holding him up, metaphorically speaking?
  • Is the man in some way unattainable to her?
  • Is it a torrid love affair they have, or perhaps had?
  • Did he leave her, and this was their final embrace, the one she remembers and hangs on to for dear life?
  • Did he die and this is a memory inside of the woman’s head?
  • Or did he come back, like he promised?

It’s interesting, trying to decipher artist’s expressions…isn’t it.

Speaking of artists, I got a mini one here living in this house. Yesterday, I finally decided that I will be unable to continue living with the giant art mess my daughter leaves in the middle of our giant kitchen counter. I can’t cook, or keep food there, or roll out pizza dough because there is always art debris, slime debris, paint debris, modelling clay debris, markers, pens, scissors, bits of paper and brushes and stuff everywhere and it’s driving me a little mad. Telling her, even helping her, to clean up each night doesn’t work, so I told her this:

You can have my little office corner. I will take the couch.

(I wish we had an extra room or space where she can create freely without it causing so much disruption to the flow of the rest of the house. Our bungalow is tiny so we have to find a way to manage by coming up with endless creative solutions. Mostly, the solutions are mine but they are not always welcome, or adhered to. I keep trying.)


I moved all her stuff to the corner of the house which has a much smaller surface area and placed the bins underneath the table and she was instructed to keep the area clutter free.

I’m not holding my breath, but at least the counter is clear(er).

My job today is to clear the paper pile that had accumulated on my little former desk prior to vacation, toss things, and generally clean up the rest of the main floor. I did the bathroom last night, every nook and cranny, so I’m beginning to feel a lot better already. The time was right – it’s the beginning of summer vacation, we’re back from our trip, and all of us are going to be home together for the next couple of months.



13 thoughts on “Artistic impressions and the questions they leave

  1. This reminded me of Manet’s painting of 1862-1863 -‘Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe’ which caused controversy in part because the men in the painting are fully dressed and the women aren’t.

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      1. You could put any story to it you wanted. Unless you met the artist in the flesh you would never know what was in his mind. He might have left a journal but it is impossible to say everything in an entry – or blog-post (I would say). And then you hide things from yourself all the time. You pretend with other people, but you pretend with yourself as well. All this is open to question.

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      2. That’s what I love about this kind of art. Some people might see the sculpture as torrid or forbidden, or even the woman as oppressed. I see erotic love with some sort of longing, and complications. I think it’s wonderful.

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