Strange Swiss things: all things bathrooms (part 1)

This is a continuation of the vacation memories I blogged about while away in Switzerland.


I came across weird things in Swiss bathrooms that seem foreign to us North Americans so me being me, I took out my phone and snapped photos for you. You’re welcome. 🙂

Signs or posters

Sometimes, the signs posted on doors inside bathroom stalls were a little baffling. For example, on the Santis mountain (in the canton of Appenzell) I saw this inside a stall:

They are basically encouraging you to keep the bathroom clean yourself. Hah. 🙂

Here’s another sign I saw on Mount Pilatus in Lucerne:

Who does that?? 😂

I mean, sometimes you have to take some toilet tissue and clean up but…why risk standing on the seat like that? Lordy. 😉

Soap dispenser

Then there was the soap dispenser on the steam ship we took after descending from Mount Pilatus to tour Lake Lucerne. If I think back to my childhood in Switzerland, I vaguely recall having seen such a dispenser before…basically it grates a piece of soap like a piece of cheese. I got my girl to come in with me and turn the handle to demonstrate.

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “Strange Swiss things: all things bathrooms (part 1)

    1. Probably. I witnessed some asian tourists completely perplexed at how to use a standard toilet and flushing system. Maybe someone fell in? I don’t know… 😉


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