How to improve a bad mood: type a blog post and hit publish

This morning I got attacked by a bird if you’re wondering how my day is going so far.


There’s a sign at the outdoor pool entrance that says a nesting bird is swooping people who walk by – and lo, she swooped me good today. Right into my pony tail. πŸ™‚

Poor thing, trying to protect her babies who are probably learning how to fly and unable to do so with all the families on summer vacation coming and going to the pool all day…

Also, my house is a mess in case you’re wondering how else my day is going so far. The unpacked suitcases with all the stuff I have to organize, stash and put away are all over every surface on the main floor. 😬

We had to do laundry the other day because people have tournaments this weekend but it kept raining, only for about 10 minutes at a time, but just enough time for things to get wet again. I had it hanging outside, the laundry, because we haven’t had time to call a guy to fix the dryer.

Oh and the air conditioner wasn’t working either when we got back from Switzerland, which meant I had to go up into the stifling, sticky attic where you cannot stand in a full upright position and locate the fans. I usually keep them close by the pull down ladder but someone else put them away and they didn’t remember where so I had to descend again, locate a flashlight to shine into the deep, dark corners, crawl around until I found them, then take them down one at a time without any help from anyone else.

Yes I’m in a bad mood, so sue me.


The boys were still here when I got back from dog walking. This did not please me. I took them at face value when they said they’d be gone by 1230. I thought I could colour my hair in peace with everyone out of the house and then get this place organized. My girl was with friends at the pool for the afternoon, so I was hopeful to get things accomplished before the jet lag hits me again.

You know how you get so much more done when no one is here?


So I told everyone goodbye when I left to walk Jasper, only to find them lazying around plugged in around the house when I got back 45 minutes later.

“We’re going now,” they said and proceeded to ask me if I knew where x or y items were.


The good news however was that Darren had been by (our HVAC guy) and all is fixed. I get to sleep in a humidity free house tonight. πŸ˜„

Anyway they’re gone now, the baseball people.

But all the chocolate I brought back from Switzerland is taunting me so if I don’t blog for a while it’ll be because I’m in a diabetic coma. πŸ™„

Vacation memories will resume…soon. 😊

13 thoughts on “How to improve a bad mood: type a blog post and hit publish

    1. We never thought about it in Switzerland, it wasn’t humid for long enough and in Canada we didn’t either because it was too expensive to install.

      But house today had it installed already when we moved in and for 3 months out of the year it keeps the humidity out if I choose to turn it on. Which I only do under extreme heat alerts. It feels…luxurious. πŸ™‚


  1. We have tons of crows around here that do the same thing. I’ve had moments walking early in the morning where I’ve been buzzed. Crows are smart. It’s a game to them πŸ˜‰
    Glad the AC is functional again!

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  2. We have a bird that has built a nest on top of a fan in the garage. I went out the other night to get something, not realizing that it was going to chase me around the room and then throw itself from wall to wall until I left. Quite exciting when you don’t expect it.

    Liked by 1 person

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