Vacation memories: travel back home day

So our vacation in Switzerland has come to an end. We had to get up at godawful-o’clock, much to the teenager’s dismay, and take two trains to the airport.

It went fine, better than I expected. Partly that’s because I packed 75% of our check luggage two nights prior. The rest we did last night.

I also had each kid set aside what they were going to wear on travel day and place it beside their carry-on knapsacks so that it would be a smooth(er) morning.

It worked, of course. (Tip: always listen to ex-flight attendant moms.) πŸ˜‰

Traveling in foreign countries to airports via a train system, when you’re not used to it or familiar, can be a little bit nerve-wracking. But I have to say, it went smoothly. I discussed expectations ahead of time so each kid knew which suitcase they were responsible for, and all went well. I even got them to argue about who gets to sit by the only window seat before we boarded. πŸ™‚ (They decided the boy first, and they would switch halfway through the 7.5 hour flight.)

Sitting in economy instead of premium economy also wasn’t as tight as I anticipated. My partner is quite tall and he had enough legroom. All is well.

As I type this we are at altitude in the Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER passing over a sea of clouds. The kids beside me are plugged in – one is watching The Hobbit, the other is snacking on gummy and sweet candies. (Omg the amount of sugar they consumed on this trip is crazy 😳)

We are heading into high heat and humidity, apparently, and two tournaments which will be interesting to see how that will work with the jetlag…the girl is local which means she and I get to sleep at home but the boys are traveling to Tecumseh, a place near London (Ontario) about 3 hours west of Toronto.

And so ends our trip to Switzerland and begins our summer vacation back at home.

I have several more vacation memories to document, and I will, just as soon as we settle back into a somewhat relaxed summer routine.

End note: I am showered, and in bed at 430pm local Canada time which is 10pm Zurich time. We’ve been back since about noon. I made the family some quick burgers after we devoured my mom’s bruchetta snacks she left for us in a cooler (omg I’m going to blog about her another day…❀) and then announced I was done.

We’re all done.

Good night. πŸ™‚ See you at probably 3 o’clock in the morning. πŸ˜‚

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