18. Vacation memories: Lugano (part 2)

As stated in Lugano part 1, we visited Lugano in the southern part of Ticino in Switzerland, and then ended up taking a lovely boat tour around the area.

You know it’s so amazing to see the different landscapes in this country. The mountains down here are technically not Alps, as you are still low enough to be in the tree line. Then there are so many lakes all around it, you don’t really feel like you are landlocked.

Where we live in Ontario (Canada) it’s the same sort of thing. We live on the shores of Lake Ontario which is a giant lake big enough that you cannot see the other side of it (which of course is the USA). Slightly north of us (about an hour and a half) begins cottage country and the big north, which is full of picturesque lakes and other bodies of water. The short summer months in our part of Canada are all about cottage life, camping etc…which always includes the little lakes and rivers as part of the fun.

Here in Switzerland the world is very old. The villages, and even many parts of the big cities, are ancient compared to our young country. Canada just recently celebrated its 152nd birthday; USA is slightly older (by a couple of hundred years, correct me if I’m wrong) but it doesn’t compare to the many centuries of history you encounter here in Switzerland.

There was a church we saw that is a ruin (no roof left, but preserved to maintain what is left of it) which completed it’s third and final phase in 1627. I mean…you just don’t see that in Canada. 🙂

If you want to see some of the old homes in the smaller villages in Ticino, just click here and here and here and here for some impressions.

Anyway. Lugano and its boat tour. It was a hot day, we had eaten and enjoyed gelato and had a thing with the kids and now everyone was in a better mood and it was hot and there was this lovely boat on this lovely lake surrounded by these lovely little mountains and villages and…

omg 🙂

Here are some impressions:

We opted sitting indoors – the sun was brutally hot and we needed a break. There were little tables and a waitress who brought us cool drinks.
Self-explanatory. 🙂

Every  once in a while the boat stopped at some cute little port town and picked up more people (or dropped some off). The little hotels and restaurants…I mean, THIS is where us writer-wanna-be’s want to sit and write our books. Right?

It was fantastic. We ended up back in Lugano when we were done the tour and we decided to walk around a little bit.

The cobble stone roads and the adjacent shops were adorable…we even went in to a few as we were looking for some local Grappa (a spirit made right here in Ticino) to leave for my uncle for letting us stay in his house for all those days, and one to bring back to my dad and for ourselves as well.

The girl child posed in front of a wall of chocolate because…kids and chocolate. Need I say more? (That photo is available on Instragram.)

Then, the pilot-man here had his app and he discovered a couple of churches that were relatively close by, so we continued on in search of them.

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “18. Vacation memories: Lugano (part 2)

  1. The photos made my heart smile! They triggered my visit to Geneva in 2008 when I had an extended vacay in Chens-sur-Léman. I’m glad I did a little exploring, like walking in town to the local bakery and taking my two preschoolers (at the time) to Lake Geneva. I’m overdue for a real vacay!

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