17. Vacation memories: Lugano (part 1)

While hanging out in Bellinzona (part 1 and part 2) we decided one day to head down to the border and visit the city of Lugano.

Lugano is a Swiss city surrounded by mountains, and built along the shores of Lake Lugano, in the Canton of Ticino. It is the southern most Canton of Switzerland. The Italian border is not far from there…

We had spent the day prior hiking in the mountains (part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4) and go rained on by the end, plus I had that lovely anxiety attack while in the cable car hoping to go down but ending up to go back up again…(ugh) so we parents knew instinctively that the kids would not be up for another hike the next day.

It was my partner’s idea to take in a bit of culture, instead.

We said:

“They have world famous gelato there.”

Hah. πŸ™‚

It was a wonderful day trip and I decided that I will need a million bucks so I can park myself in one of those picturesque hotels and write several books.

Because…omg. The beauty of this place is fantastic!

Right at the train station was a little tram that took us down to the bottom, where a cobblestone piazza was located which immediately alerted the family to the fact that they were clearly starving and needed immediate pizza.

We had pizza in a little restaurant under shady umbrellas, in the summery atmosphere.

The girl child liked pineapple, prosciutto and local mozzarella, and the rest of us had anchovies (local from nearby Italy), mozzarella, artichokes and tomatoes.

Then we wandered around toward the lake and took in a beautiful park but not before we stopped first for gelato…even though I said ‘let’s wait at least one hour before we devour more ice cream’…lol

The kids had double scoops; the boy something with chocolate and cookies, the girl with lemon and raspberry. I had hazelnut which is my absolute favourite and my partner had pistachio. It was incredibly delicious. There is something about the gelato down here that doesn’t make it taste so sugary, that you can actually taste the flavours beyond the dairy and sugar. It also doesn’t plunge me into a diabetic coma, which is bonus.

Side note: The milk here is local which means the cows are pasture fed up on the mountain sides, which makes it taste so incredibly fresh it’s hard to describe. We’re all so used to factory/mass produced food, it’s quite astonishing how different things taste down here in Switzerland when you make the effort to purchase local.

The kids were finally placated after that, despite the fact that it was hot, but it didn’t last and as we approached a little beach areas where some tourists and locals having a lunch break were swimming we got new complaints from the kids.

“Why didn’t you bring our bathing suits,” they wanted to know. “Can we go buy some?”

I kept thinking, why didn’t they pack their bathing suits? If it was so important to them…?

I suggested they go into the water in their clothes, just take their undies off. The undies were the only thing they wore that was cotton (which takes longer to dry), the rest of their clothing was athletic quick-dry material. Given the heat (in the mid 30s Celsius) they would have dried within 10 minutes. They refused and continued to complain.

Honestly, I could go on about this but I don’t want this unpleasant part of the trip to overshadow the wonderful time we did end up having, so I’ll keep it short:

Dad lost it on them (quietly, without yelling, but ended up walking away from them) and I reinforced that for once, they have got to realize that not everything is about them.

They didn’t get it.

“Every social gathering we do or have is about you and your teammates,” I said. “All the trips we take back home are sports related. For once, we want to do something different, have a bit of culture in a foreign land and all you guys do is pester us about what you want. Enough.” I said and dropped it.

The ensueing silence was quite wonderful. πŸ™„

While we wandered around the park I took photos of all the stunning beauty. There were statues and architectural impressions and colours and flowers and everything was just so breathtaking, it’s quite difficult to capture it by camera. Still, I snapped photos. I can’t help myself.


Then, we came upon a place that offered boat tours. We looked at each other and said, why not?

We took a boat tour around Lake Lugano.

To be continued…

8 thoughts on “17. Vacation memories: Lugano (part 1)

  1. Kids never seem to appreciate anything you do for them outside of maintaining a steady supply of wi-fi [sigh]. I hope one day yours are able to look back on this awesome trip and appreciate it plus thank you and your partner for making it happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do. They know. But kids are naturally self-absorbed and eventually we will succeed in teaching them how to see beyond themselves. Or so I’m told by patents who have already done that part. πŸ™‚


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