16.1 Vacation side note: playing tourist is exhausting

Playing tourist with children…even more so! 🙂

They’re good sports, mostly. But when they’ve had enough I can see them shut down…

Main points with kids are these:

  • They’re always hungry
  • There is always room for more ice cream or gelato
  • They like shopping, even in expensive souvenier shops or exclusive chocolate stores
  • They get tired or bored occasionally even if we’re in the middle of an exciting part of the trip
  • They’re surprisingly resilient at surprising times when you least expect it
  • They will borrow your hat, use up your tissue, drink your water and eat your snack even if you reminded them to pack or wear their own
  • I still love them to the moon and back ❤

We have done two big tourist-y things in three days, and even the day we spent local in between was tourist-y, albeit in town and with bikes my uncle organized for us. Not on trains, coach buses or boats. 😄

The heatwave is still going strong, too. 🙂 Mid to high 30s (Celsius).

I will blog about our adventures in Lugano and on Mount Pilatus another time, and share some pictures, but right now it’s wine time before I head into the shower. Because…

Playing tourist is exhausting. 🙂

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