12. Vacation memories: river

We took our kids from Toronto, Canada to Switzerland on vacation. This is our adventure.

This is a multi-part series. Scroll down to the end of this post for a list of the previous stories in chronological order.


With the heat, the kids have been a little bit…whiny. They either want to swim or eat popsicles or gelato. Anything requiring work (like walking) was met with a little bit of complaining. Not all the time, but often enough.

It kind of grates on your nerves after a while.

So when my aunt left with her dogs and my partner looked like he was ready for a nap, I marched the kids to the other side of the valley to explore the river.

The view once again was just incredible.

There were two ways to go down the mountain and both ended up either at the bridge, or near it through a little path in a forest.

In the forest on the trail, it was actually pleasantly cool.

We found the bridge and crossed it and decided to stay close to it as it provided shade.

There was a sandy beach right there so I sat down in it and watched the kids splash around.

Not without complaining though…

“The water is like -18 degrees!” the boy exclaimed.

“You get used to it if you stay in it long enough,” she explained.

The girl in the meantime got busy collecting stones and building stuff. She’s such a nature child, cold water doesn’t deter her.

It was good they had an opportunity to cool off and have some unstructured time.

With the travel wifi we brought along, primarily for me to be able to Whatsapp with my Swiss family and friends, as well as blog, the kids have been a little too keen to watch all their stupid videos (fortnite and youtube, just shoot me). It was ok for downtime, but sometimes they acted all lazy when we suggested doing something; it got a little annoying.

I get that the heat makes it more tiring but sheesh. We’re in a foreign country, get with the program I thought during those times

Bed time was, despite the heat, another bit of a fiasco. Sometimes parenting really gets on my nerves.

We had the kids on the top floor so that us parents could sleep on the middle floor near the bathroom, but of course there was a thing and long story short dad went to lie beside the girl upstairs and I got to spend the night with a floppy teen boy.


So much for rekindling.

But. As these things go, the kids eventually slept, which meant that the adults also slept which is crucial for sanity saving and mental health. πŸ˜„πŸ˜΄πŸ˜›


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6 thoughts on “12. Vacation memories: river

  1. Mountain water is ALWAYS -18 πŸ™‚ I remember climbing down from the hills in the Lake District in the north of England, and stopping to cool my feat in a stream – and yes… nearly froze my toes right off.

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