9. Vacation side note: writing surrounded by beauty

Here’s another interruption in the chronological documentation of our vacation memories. Today, I want to capture my writing habit. It’s like an obsession, or an addiction (and many of you can probably identify).

I have this need to write. It’s like the oxygen in my blood stream…as I go through my experiences, there is an internal propulsion that wants to document my thoughts onto paper, or into a device. I can’t help it. I’m currently sitting on the balcony with this view, listening to the church bells, typing into my Mac and phone.

The family is still asleep. I already had coffee…I’d be surprised if they don’t wake up soon though, because as of 8 am the church bells toll every 15 minutes. And they are loud! The church is steps away from the house we live in at the moment. See?

We are leaving today. Probably around mid day, we’ll catch the train back to Zurich. I will continue to document our stay here in the village above Bellinzona however, so stay tuned for more as I reflect and write.

But I’ll show you a couple more pictures of me writing at wine-time. 🙂


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