8.1 Vacation memories: after arrival in the village

We took our kids from Toronto, Canada to Switzerland on vacation. This is our adventure.

This is a multi-part series. Scroll down to the end of this post for a list of the previous stories in chronological order.


I’m going to write less and share some photos to illustrate a bit of our evening on our first night in the tiny village here in the Italian part of the Swiss mountains.

The kids were hot and sweaty and… being kids πŸ˜› after the long travel day and train fiasco in Zurich so we took them to the waterfall up the mountain, about a 7 minute stroll. They needed some play time and a chance to cool off.

The spot by the waterfall, affectionately called a pool by the locals, was busy with teenagers smoking drugs and older locals cooling off on this Friday evening before dinner.

Note: the Italians typically eat late; it has to do with the heat. No one wants to cook and create more heat in the homes while the sun is still emitting its power.

Going for a swim in the glacial waters on the mountain side is a good way to decompress after working all day, and, for the teens, to kill some time before heading out to party.

For my kids, it was about fun. πŸ™‚

“Water’s freezing anyway!” the kids exclaimed when they saw the people swimming above the waterfall, so they busied themselves in the creek below. My girl spent most of her time catching tiny frogs while the boy did his own thing exploring a bit before deciding to tease his sister by throwing pebbles at her and splashing her with the icy water from the creek. πŸ™„

On the way back down to our house, we saw this:

This is like a Rooma vacuum cleaner, only it cuts grass! I think we all must get one immediately. πŸ™‚ The kids had fun yelling directions at it, but the little robot had a built-in sensor and did its own thing. πŸ˜›

This was our view walking home again.

You know this place is the perfect place to write. Any and all of us who want to do more than write blog posts should have the opportunity to come to a place like this to unwind and let the words flow. Imagine the stories we could all come up with…

Having this experience with the family is truly special, but I have to admit that a small part of me yearns for solitude, even just for a day or two. When I think of the kind of writing that could happen here…😍


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18 thoughts on “8.1 Vacation memories: after arrival in the village

  1. That “Glacial” water sure looks cold. Today the Gulf Water temperature is supposed to be 89 (F). Now that is a temperature in which I I can “decompress”! The scenery is fantastic, and it is nice for your kids to enjoy something that does not include roller-coasters!

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  2. Those mowers used to be $5,000+ and now I see them for around $1,500. By the time I get too old to push my mower, I’ll probably be able to afford one. I say this after spending hours last night cutting grass. We’ve switched to a rotary mower (electric), because it cuts better but the whole time I was pushing it around I was thinking of how nice one of those robots would be. Still, I remember a scene from the Little Rascals where the grass mowing robot got out of control and cut down some flowers. Can’t have that.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Confession time: We have a lawnmower like that.

    It’s a wonderful thing — it starts quietly cutting the grass every night and all I have to do is rescue it from whatever it snags itself on before I go to work.

    Liked by 2 people

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