5. Vacation memories: exhaustion and a trip down memory lane – part 1

We took our kids from Toronto, Canada to Switzerland on vacation. This is our adventure.

This is a multi-part series.

  1. Vacation memories: travel day – part 1
  2. Vacation memories: travel day – part 2
  3. Vacation memories: from flight attendant to passenger 20 years later
  4. Vacation memories: arrival in Zurich


My aunt had a lovely snack prepared for us after we finally arrived in my childhood home town via Uber, and we sat down to get reacquainted with her. She had met my partner before, about 20 years earlier, but she had not met the kids.

Being Swiss, she is multi-lingual and although she says her English is not that good, she speaks it fluently (in my opinion). The children were thrilled since they do not speak German, her (and my) mother tongue.

She laid out on her table some Birchermuesli made with apple and yogourt, a plate of different cheeses (we ARE in Switzerland after all…), a plate of cold cuts (again, local stuff), juices, water and some fresh bread and rolls.

The milk my aunt chooses is grass (pasture) fed, and local.

We were tired though, and I wanted to unpack a few things and get organized, so we let the kids crash and then I laid down beside the boy and also had a nap.

But not for long. I really didn’t want us to suffer jet lag for the next week…I wanted to make sure we got adjusted to the local time zone as quickly as possible.

After we got up in the later part of the afternoon, we wandered around the house and garden for a bit. It’s changed much since my childhood – my aunt remodelled the house after my grandmother moved out (and my aunt had small children) but much of what is still there reminds me of how it was back in my day.

The garden too is completely different with the garage gone, the little hut where my grandparents stored their gardening equipment and where we used to fear the many spiders that hung around in the corners…all gone.

Then my girl found a surprise. This one:

There is something about little children and fresh, homegrown berries…

Oh, and then there was another surprise. THIS one:

My aunt is also a grandmother, her four grandchildren are slightly younger than my girl down to Kindergarten age. So naturally, she had ice creams and popsicles in her house. Ha.

To be continued… (to read the first part of our travel adventures, scroll back to the top of this post and click the links)


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