Grad season: goodbye Middle School, hello summer break

This is what a Canadian hockey mom of a grade 8 grad looks like:

There are very few grad pictures with my boy, because some didn’t turn out (eyes closed, fidgeting etc). šŸ˜‰ I’m kind of disappointed about that but I couldn’t force him to pose with me any longer. He was hot and just wanted to get going to his party. His dad dropped him off.

I get it. It was a long assembly: seven grade 8 graduating classes (English, Fench Immersion and the Extended French classes as well). Naturally each teacher had to do a speech, and some kids got awards…it was long.

But he’s done! We are all grateful the middle school chapter is over now. šŸ˜€

Once he was gone to his dinner/dance thing the rest of us went to the mall with my parents to have dinner in the high end food court. After, we bumped into a dad of one of my son’s friends and he offered to pick up both boys from the dance, saving us another trip.

And so…summer break begins. Both kids opted in staying home today, both have good, even great report cards, and we can now focus on our upcoming vacation to Switzerland.

Happy Wednesday!

18 thoughts on “Grad season: goodbye Middle School, hello summer break

  1. It’s funny, isn’t it – how we have a pretty good photo record of the kids until a certain point, and then they actively avoid appearing in photos. Friends tell me it does turn around though – that they do become comfortable in their own skin again. Eventually.

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  2. So it was a typical graduation…2 hours of boredom just so you can get a single blurred picture of your child getting their diploma. It will happen when the graduate high school, and college as well. Maybe next time, bring a tablet with Bluetooth and binge watch something on NETFLIX until you actually hear their name called.

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