Monday: I’m craving olives and it’s finally the last week of school

Hello Monday! I am, and have been craving marinated olives and feta cheese. 😊

Olives and feta cheese are so scrumptious, I could eat those as a snack, or part of a Greek salad, all summer long. I do not understand people who don’t like olives.

Maybe I will get some Greek salad today at the Farm Boy. They have a great salad bar as well as a big selection of hot food that you can take out and eat at home. Much better than fast food options if you ask me.

I’m trying to keep my fridge from getting full again even though we’re till here, and needing to eat. But vacation is coming up soon and I don’t want to waste food so I have be more diligent with my food planning, using up what’s here rather than buying more.

Frankly I don’t even care if they pick up at Wendy’s or McDonalds or whatever, as long as I don’t have to eat that crap. (I do like the fries though…)

The men bought subs yesterday for lunch, the girl had food at a party, and I grilled up some pork chops which we can eat today as well. Last night’s dinner consisted of me sitting alone on the back porch with a bowl of steamed couscous and chopped up grilled, bbq-ed pork chops. It was good. πŸ™‚

My son is graduating tomorrow. Good bye elementary school…he will be in high school as of September. I think he is beyond relieved and I am too. Grades 7 and 8 haven’t been his best years (although his grades are still good, not much has changed in that department, thankfully). But it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of blog fodder about early mornings and bus schedules and sleep deprivation but I’ll hold off on that for now. Hah.

This is the last week of school for us Canadians. Summer weather has also finally arrived, and the local outdoor pool two blocks from our house is open and busy. I walked past it yesterday with the Airedale who really, REALLY wanted to go in! I don’t know why, when I took him to the pool last year at the end of the season, he refused to go in deeper than his front paws.

That pool organizes a doggie swim party on the last day of summer prior to school starting up again. Everyone brings their dog and you should see the Labs and Retrievers…the kids throw balls and toys in the deep end and the dogs go nuts chasing after them. I have never seen such icky, slimy, dog-hairy water in my life, but neither the dogs, nor some kids, cared. And the day after the dog pool party they drain the water out and prep for winter.

Our Airedale though, he was afraid. He wanted to go in but he just couldn’t quite get it into his head that it was safe. No amount of coaxing and encouraging made him drop his apprehension.

Nowadays, when I sit him like we did this past weekend, he seems to want to try again. Every time we walk past the pool he pulls me toward the fence. He just doesn’t understand why I tug him away from the gate.

“You have to wait,” I tell him. “Dogs are not allowed until Labour Day weekend.”

He was not impressed. πŸ™‚

Alright Monday, so far, you’ve been good. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Monday: I’m craving olives and it’s finally the last week of school

  1. My wife loves olive bars and matches them with Feta cheese….so you two could lunch together. Throw in some Hummus and she would not even need to look at a menu. Me? Not so much. The only kind I can tolerate is black pitted, and I can eat them by the metric on. Hope your son can put 7th and 8th behind him and embrace high school with a desire to succeed!

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    1. Well me and the wife have a date then. πŸ™‚

      I hope high school will be a good thing for that kid of mine…he needs a change. The school he’s going to has a great reputation and a lot of sports options so we’ll see how he manage the earlier times and longer bus ride. Keeping fingers crossed!


  2. Coincidentally, my eldest son is moving up to his next school in September as well. It’s in the next town, which means he’ll be getting a buss pass. He’s quite keen on cycling although I suspect that enthusiasm may wear a little thin come November πŸ˜‰

    Only three more days of school here, and Friday doesn’t count as the kids literally turn up, collect their stuff and leave.

    Olives are awesome!

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  3. Good luck on your son’s last day of school. I felt the same about both my kids graduating eighth grade. They are so much happier in high school. Also I’m not too different from your dog. Sometimes I get scared to go into slimy waters also!!!

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  4. I admit to being one of those who isn’t too keen on olives. I like them as an ingredient, but wouldn’t set down and eat them as is. I know many like the salty, brine-y taste but for me there’s just something a little off when I pop an olive in my mouth without other flavors as well!

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  5. It’s all about the food for my wife also. She loves her Greek salads, actually she loves greek salads period! She all about the hummus also.
    When our daughter was young she was in the movie “IT” as it was filmed in Vancouver or at least the library scene my daughter was in. This was 30 years ago and my daughter was five so of course my wife was with her on the movie set. I came home from work and asked my dear wife how did it go? She proceeded to tell me about the wonderful bread, and lasagna on the set and I finally asked her if she remembered to bring our daughter home? LOL

    I see from your “About” page you are also Canadian and that’s just another reason I like your blog. You are also very successful with nearly 1000 followers. I hope to do as well as you.

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    1. Hi fellow Canadian! My siblings live out on the West Coast. πŸ˜‰

      I did notice my follow count increased recently. Considering I often ramble about inconsequential topics it’s kind of fun. Glad people are enjoying my writing. πŸ™‚


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