Headaches, ants and other hickups

This morning I woke with a headache. Again. It’s coming from the back of my neck which is tight and sore.

I should book a massage but there is no time.

Then I remembered the Tens system my partner bought for his back spasms. It’s an electrical device that transmits these pulses to desiganted spots you attach the plasters to.

It’s controlled by a remote thingy where you can choose options, strength of pulses and that sort of thing.

I’m currently sitting in bed allowing myself to be pulsed. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, if you read here even semi-regularily you would by now anticipate some sort of drama, right?

Because you know me. You know things always have hickups around here…

Well there were some. Hah. 😜

Lets begin with the ants.


A few weeks ago my girl noticed ants around the house. Tiny ones, nothing damaging. It’s probably because there’s always crumbs all over the floor.

I bought some ant hotels and placed them here and there and the ants seemed to dwindle.

Ok then.

This morning however, as I was stumbling around looking for Advil, coffee and the Tens system, my teen started talking to me about ants.

I was only half listening. Whatever, I know there’s ants.

He followed me into the bedroom where I was setting up my Tens system on my shoulder.

“But mom,” he said. “There’s ants all over Jerry’s bone!”

We’re dog sitting the Airedale over the weekend.

I went back to the living room toward the dog bed and lo, the bone was crawling with tiny ants.


So I commissioned the boy to move the ant hotels to that location, got a paper towel, picked up the bone and threw it out in the garbage bin on the driveway.


But not as gross as maggots in the indoor compost receptacle. *That* hasn’t happened yet this season, but give it time…

While typing this up and getting pulsed I texted my partner to bring home spray. Normally I just use boiling water on infestations outside (which makes the dead ants safe to eat for birds since there’s no chemicals in boiling water – don’t@me) but I can’t pour that on hardwood flooring…

He’s coaching the girl child’s baseball game this morning till lunch time. Hopefully he’ll remember…

My teen in the meantime is proving so helpful by feeding guinea pigs and getting Jerry ready for a walk…(I knew he had it in him ❀)

I’m a little stressed though. We’re getting ready for vacation and I feel a bit discombobulated by all the stuff I still have to do. Plus I have to transport the guinea pigs to the grandparents, a kid has a birthday party to attend (did I buy a gift yet?), I need to exchange some money at a place at the mall, and there’s the teen’s graduation early next week…

Ok. I gotta breathe, relax and take one step at a time.

Happy weekend. πŸ˜‰

27 thoughts on “Headaches, ants and other hickups

  1. I use an essential oil spray made from witch hazel, peppermint oil, orange oil, lemon oil, citronella, and tea tree with glycerin and water. Spray it around all my doors and windows. But I’ve also set out some ant hotels around the cat food area.

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  2. Ants are amazing little creatures, they seek out tasty morsels inside or out, I guess the bone was on their hit list! 😁
    Hope the TENS machine helped your headache.

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  3. Maggots are the worst.

    we have a bin for food waste — it gets tipped onto the outdoor compost regularly — and I’m currently having to clean it every week. It’s working so far, in terms of preventing infestations, but it’s not the most fun way to start a Saturday.

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  4. You’re strong. My mother was the strongest person I knew, until I met my wife.

    Women train to be strong. I confess, I contributed more than my share of resistance to their resistance training.

    My wife is Wonder Woman after years of training with the help of my resistance.

    Thanks for reminding me to breathe, relax, and take one step at a time!

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  5. I hate those little pesky ants. I tend to get them every summer and they come in right around my front door, which has seen better days. Last summer I tucked a little ant hotel outside on either side of the door and that did the trick. Good reminder for me, I better start checking and put those traps out soon!

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