Learning the ropes on a new device

I have a new (old), refurbished MacBook Air. I got it so I don’t have to take the large-screen, heavy laptop with me to Europe and can keep writing in comfort even while on vacation.

My partner, an apple product user, suggested the Mac over a Chromebook. I was a bit worried about having to learn a new way of doing things (while my brain is *thisclose* to being fried) but decided to go along with the suggestion.

This little Air thingy here is quite nifty! I’m trying to get used to it by typing this blog post in it.

But the decision to buy yet another device was not an easy one to make, and, since it arrived 24 hours ago it hasn’t been without challenges.

For one thing, the girl child snatched it away from me and took a silly selfie which she then loaded onto the profile page. (I in the meantime can’t even find the camera, although I haven’t looked too much yet. I have other priorities at the moment…)

Another thing that happened was my growing dislike for safari. I assumed I should just use it since it’s there, but then someone suggested I load firefox (which I use on my laptop) so I loaded it and suddenly I felt much better. I’m comfortable with the firefox browser so I immediately loaded my few apps into the toolbar and then proudly showed it to my partner.

He said I loaded firefox wrong and went to fool around with it and by the time I got the Mac back to type something into Evernote the app was gone and so were all my bookmarks.

I don’t know what he did. (In his defense, he just got home from work and was about to do more work so he probably wasn’t thinking right. My bad for even asking him questions at that time…)

Still. I’m kind of peeved this morning. Boo.

No matter though. I am in the mood to type to get used to this thing so you will have to sit here and read me (if you want). 😉

Here are all my thoughts:

    • My 11yo will be starting grade 7 in the fall. To date she’s always had more homework than her older brother and she rarely complains when she has to use an ancient, slow, cumbersome Windows laptop. Because I’m not unhappy with my laptop, but don’t want to take it on any trip, we decided she will have access to the Mac in the fall when school starts. But the Mac is mine for the summer. (And I may or may not share it with her until then.)
    • I like using a mouse. This thing doesn’t have a mouse. It is taking me some time to get used to the touch pad but it’s coming along. There is an apple mouse kicking around the house somewhere but I have decided to learn how to use the touch pad more.
    • I am somewhat challenged with the browser having very small font. I am looking at increasing the font but the only part I can increase size in is the inside of the browser. The tabs remain small. There has got to be a way…
    • Having both my daughter and my husband go in to play around with my Mac is causing me stress, so I will change the password and password protect everything I set up in this thing today to prevent future stress. 🙂 Hah. Perhaps there is also a way to have two users; that way my girl can sign in to her own side, and leave my side untouched.
    • I didn’t understand how to get the scroll bar active. Also the little colourful circles to minimize or exit windows was new to me. Took a little bit of getting used to…but it’s coming along.

So here I am, finally alone, everyone gone, able to concentrate without interruption. Except for the Airedale who is barking at all the passing dog walkers, the house is blissfully quiet.

I think another coffee is due…TGIF.


13 thoughts on “Learning the ropes on a new device

  1. I use Mac and PC. PC mostly, but we use Mac’s at work and they make me feel so sophisticated! It seems like when you are blogging, you are bound to crank out better material using a Mac. I bought a TeckNet mouse on Amazon (that’s not me telling you it’s a great brand, I just bought one that was cheap). It makes all the difference for me since I’m really used to mice and the touchpad doesn’t always give me what I want. Enjoy your Mac – it’s really user friendly. There are some great youtube videos to walk you through the basics.

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    1. Thank you, I think I might check some out. 🙂

      I am getting used to it although if I have to do something real quick and I’m under rime constraint, I go back to the Windows laptop. Hopefully with time I can get really good with the Mac too. 🙂

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      1. I do that too. It’s hard not to do that when you’re in a hurry. You’ll get it and pretty soon you might even grab it first before the Windows laptop. Probably the weirdest thing I haven’t figured out yet, is that there isn’t a page down button. I’m so used to hitting page down while programming and the mac doesn’t have that. I’m sure there is a shortcut, but I usually just mouse scroll forever until I get where I want to be.

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  2. My first choice was to go Mac, but even with the balance left on my Apple Giftcard I couldn’t afford one, so, Chromebook I went and I loooooooooove it, but will always be pining away for a Mac. LOL

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  3. I love using the mouse. I have a good lap top and a stand alone computer and another laptop for when I take things on the road and I am afraid I might misplace something. I use my stand alone a lot. I still use flash drives when I am writing my book. I don’t like using google docs. A friend asked me to edit her short story and I felt so uncomfortable with the format and was relieved she had difficulty, also so I am guess I am not the only clueless one.

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  4. Never used anything Apple, cannot abide anything Windows anymore so I am a Chromebook person all the way. It gives me everything I want and need and I get cranky when I have to use something else- which I do for work, but I limit my exposure as much as I can. It’s not even the fact that it’s difficult to figure other systems out, I just don’t want to!

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