Coffee saves the day

This morning I woke up at 6:01 and had one cup of coffee after a large glass of water. By 7:15 my girl and I left for some appointments at a local hospital (nothing serious, just precautionary) and although everything went relatively smoothly, I could feel the stress rise in me.

I was afraid I was going to have a another anxiety attack.

I had a crappy night, and almost no sleep so that wasn’t a good headspace to be in to tackle the extra busy day today…

My body is not set up for just one coffee in the morning. I need two to get my day started.

She had three appointments and although two of them were quick without much wait times, the third was…weird. The young, male technician felt uncomfortable doing an ultrasound on a 11yo girl after we had already waited for over 30 minutes, and he suggested a switch to a female technician. That took another 15 minutes of waiting and by then, it’s been over three hours since I’ve had coffee and…

Anyway, the above situation is fodder for another day as I don’t have the brain capacity, nor the time, to get into it right now but long story short when we finally got to our favorite bakery back in our ‘hood several hours later, I ordered a large coffee.

I never order the large size. I always find that by the time I get down to half, it’s cooled down too much. Lukewarm coffee is gross.

Today however, my coffee didn’t get a chance to cool down. I gulped down the bulk of the cup in a few short minutes while I watched my girl child enjoy a powdery, chocolate filled croissant and felt the caffeine do its thing.

The coffee at that bakery is so good and exactly what I needed to give me that boost to kick myself into gear.

She offered to take the streetcar to school to avoid me having to drive again after we got home. AND, she made her own lunch. ❀  This gave me a quick opportunity to throw in laundry because after I walk my dog in a few minutes I will need to hang it up outside before the sun disappears again. Rain is coming tomorrow and not doing laundry today is not an option.

So. Crisis averted, coffee drunk, dog walk coming up and blog post written.

I hope I don’t loose my mind this week, but if I do, consider this your warning as well as the plausible explanation as to my potential absence in WordPress.


14 thoughts on “Coffee saves the day

  1. I am annoyed at the male technician making you wait another 15 minutes because of his ‘discomfort’. Where is his professionalism??? Like, seriously!!!

    Anyway, coffee ALWAYS saves the day. It saved mine this morning. Currently surviving on just 3 hours 10 minutes of sleep but I feel fine.

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    1. He worded it to imply WE would be more comfortable. We didn’t say we were uncomfortabe…like you say, I consider them professionals.

      I was present (always am with my kids) so I didn’t see an issue. But I wasn’t going to argue…anyway I will blog about this another time.

      I’m not annoyed AT him but the extra wait annoyed me. Sigh…

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