Self-proclaimed high-maintenance

I have never been a high-mainenance kind of gal.

What do you think my next sentence will say? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It was this post that made me reflect on this topic…ha ha ha πŸ˜›

I think being high-maintenance and being difficult are related, no?

I tried to recall my younger days when I was much less mentally overwhelmed. I used to live out of a suitcase when I was a flight attendant and never seemed to worry too much about leaving something behind. Going out somewhere on a whim didn’t involve some major production, preparation or, you know, LISTS; I just grabbed my wallet and left. (This was before the smartphone days, even…)


I barely leave the house to go to the grocery store without double and triple checking I have all the little things that I *need* in case of a what-if situation…

  • reading glasses
  • list
  • pen/pencil and a small notepad
  • coins (for the carts)
  • coins/cash for coffee (if I stop somewhere, to avoid using debit and to finally use up the mountain of coins I have sitting around)
  • phone
  • charger (if it’s a longer trip)
  • jacket/sweater (some stores are freezing especially after the a/c gets switched on)
  • rain gear (because ugh…will it ever stop raining around here?)
  • sunglasses (pfff, but if the sun does come out, like it did today, I can’t drive without them)
  • points cards for all the various places I’m planning on visiting
  • reusable bags (which I sometimes forget to take INTO the store)
  • supplies if I’m on my period (argh)
  • water bottle because I get thirsty and don’t want to spend money buying one
  • lip balm (because dry lips are causing me discomfort and I’m a delicate flower now, apparently)

There are probably items I’m forgetting…

It’s kind of maddening.

Ask me if I still go camping with the family. (That would be a hard no.)

Going to the cottage? Sure I’ll go if there’s indoor plumbing. A shower is nice, even if it’s lake water that pipes up to the cabin. But not camping. They can sleep with the bugs without me, thankyouverymuch.

Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe it’s an I’ve come this far and I know what I like and I don’t care what anyone says mentality that’s become more front and center in my life as I age.

Maybe it’s because for so long I’ve had to put my wishes, comforts and desires aside to tend to frantic toddlers and opinionated preschoolers for too many years. (Today I tend to be better equipped to ignore frantic tweens and opinionated teenagers but only because I know they are theoretically perfectly capableΒ  to fend for themselves and not trash/destroy/burn the house down.)


Anyway. πŸ˜›

Nowadays, I know my limits and I know what causes me stress or anxiety. I have learned to pace myself, to put up barriers if needed, to seek out space and solitude if necessary and to pack, and bring, the kitchen sink if I want to. Hah. πŸ™„

So high-maintenance may be a term *some* people might use to describe me…although I am nowhere near those who truly are high-maintenance. Must I mention most celebrities? Especially the female ones? Or the ones whose first names begin with K? πŸ˜‰

Having said all that, I’ll tell you something else.

I can be, and often choose, the less is more approach. Mainly because I am keenly aware that high-maintenance requires too much, um, maintenance. Which means more work for me. Ugh. πŸ™ƒ

Also, high-maintenance people are often a bit obnoxious… (Surprise!) 😜

Tell me, have you noticed a shift in your own behaviour as you surpass the decades from the 30s to the 40s? Or from the 40s to the 50s and beyond? Do you consider yourself high-maintenance, or difficult? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to, but if you want to…I’m all ears.

35 thoughts on “Self-proclaimed high-maintenance

  1. I’m with you on the camping thing. I’m quite happy to stay in a self-catering cottage but the idea of putting up a tent and sleeping on the floor — for fun! — doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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      1. Camping was always a means to an end for me. I’ll sleep in a tent if that’s the only available option, but if a more comfortable alternative exists I will absolutely take it.

        And I won’t need to worry about the zombie apocalypse as long as the twins manage to finish designing their zombie-proof fort πŸ˜‰

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  2. I know what I can do and what is difficult, or even impossible (if I’m to maintain good health and basic comfort). I avoid situations where I know I am going to be screamingly stressful, or where I would end up in miserable pain, or even just misery. I can’t avoid all uncomfortable situations, but I’m not willing to walk into them knowingly. I’m 67. Time I was looking after myself – you wouldn’t like me if I got angry!

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  3. ALL the things on your list plus I’ve learned to carry protein bars with me…enough to share with the friend who didn’t think to pack her own. Those protein bars have saved my life many a time. Like when I was sitting in the dealership for hours while they tried to find a bank willing to give me a loan. LOL

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    1. Yes, I like the snack thing too but I don’t always have them on me. Now that the kids are older, I tell them to remember their own stuff, so that I don’t have as much to carry.

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  4. My maintenance is low now, for sure. The fact that I know what I want, sometimes, does that make me high maintenance? I find that it’s often miss-diagnosed, and should instead be called “prepared”. I am prepared, and I know what I want.
    I never used to be able to just grab my wallet and leave. I had to put on make-up, try on a few outfits until I found the one that made me look the skinniest, then do my hair. Wait, did I shave my legs, armpits, and that stupid mustache that tends to grow at the edges of my upper lip?
    Now, I can brush my teeth and comb my hair and not give one crap about the rest of me. But I do check to make sure I have my bag, phone, and drink before I leave the house. All the other stuff is already stored in my car, or my grocery list on my phone.
    You’re just fine the way you are, high or low maintenance, as long as you know what you want and you do what you can to get it.

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    1. A lot of the comments come back saying we are simple prepared and organized, not high-maintenance. It’s a better perspective to have, right?

      I was just comparing to the more carefree days of my youth I guess. Then again, youth doesn’t require as much maintenance, either…unless you’re a Kardashian or something. πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh my I am so related to this post of yours . Yes at one time I was so easy going could run out the door without a thought now I think of so many things and I dread it more hahaha. I’ve become so aware of my limits that stress me out and tend to do more for me, so I hear ya !☺

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  6. Certainly not high maintenance…but I am more “difficult” than I was in my youth. I attribute that to the fact that I was entirelt too accommodating. Now, if presented with plans that are too much of a stretch, I’m likely to nod and say, “It sounds like you’ll have a wonderful time.”

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  7. In my younger days, I would just take a small wallet. I didn’t believe in a purse, they got in the way or were left somewhere. Now I use a backpack to carry all the stuff I NEED? Charger, cords, glasses, diabetic supplies, water, high protein snacks in a cooler bag, stuff for the child(usually doubles of my stuff, except the medical stuff). And my therapist wants me to work on carrying less. I bought a smaller bag, but….? Its still a work in progress.

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  8. If that list means high maintenance, look out, K K – you’ve got kompetition!

    Seriously, if anyone calls you high maintenance based on the fact that you are organized, responsible, and you think ahead… self aware and self sufficient and know what you want and what you don’t want…

    Stand aside and

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  9. I suspect most people see me as a happy-go-lucky person, that doesn’t seem to worry about anything. What they don’t see is the person that clears the kitchen twice a day, that makes the bed behind him, that does a hail mary checking pockets as he leaves the house – checking for wallet, keys, and phone, that charges his phone every night, that puts cutlery away in the right places, that …. I could go on, and on, and on.

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  10. I think as moms our lives naturally become high-maintenance. It’s actually ridiculous how resistant I am to doing things outside my regular schedule and if it requires extra work from me, it’s a hell no. I’m exhausted and overworked as a single mom! I feel like I’m barely keeping myself afloat as it is.

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      1. Yes, exactly! I wish I could be more easy-going but, holy shit, I’m exhausted by the sheer amount of tomfoolery I deal with on a daily basis and get really grumpy if I have to do anything above and beyond.

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  11. I was always “go with the flow” and my passions of the moment. Now as LA says my priorities are different and yes, I can be “high maintenance” as those days of looking fantastic with just sneakers, a briefcase and heels in case have become a bit more studied. It does take time and discipline to look good and on top of the game.

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  12. Totally a shift. I don’t consider it high maintenance. I consider knowing yourself and having reasonable expectations about your own behavior and the situations you encounter

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