Sunshine, socializing and a headache

This morning I woke up with a dull, aching headache.

Truth be told, I felt it through most of the night, and at one point stumbled into the kitchen to look for some ibuprophen.

It was not there, in the drawer where we keep our pharmacy. Then I remembered my partner took the Advil to the baseball tournament in London (a city two hours west of Toronto, not the one where Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday πŸ˜€), but he left the extra strength acedomenaphen.

I gulped down two Tylenols and went back to bed. Unfortunately for me that was easier said than done because a girl and a dog had spread themselves out in my bed.


I don’t mind, not really. The days of the girl child wanting to snuggle with her mom are numbered…she even brought her donkey, the much loved stuffie she still sleeps with if you must know how little she still is, even at 11. ❀

Somehow I managed to find a spot large enough to fit my body and eventually managed to ignore the pounding in my head to get a few more hours of sleep.

It was coming from my neck. I get stiff there sometimes, but I have a massage scheduled for Monday so I’m hoping by tomorrow night the suffering will be past.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a barbecue party. My girl’s ringette coach grilled some slow rosted, pulled pork, chicken and hot dogs and most of the team showed up for an afternoon of chitchat.

There was one mom there who was the queen bee. You know the type – she has a lot to say, is entertaining and funny, and commands a lot of attention. Somehow she manages to dominate the entire conversation, no matter how many times the topic changes.

I don’t really mind. I’d rather listen, and contribute if invited to do so, than carry the topics. I did occasionally interject a few comments on my own, but only because this is a group I know well. I don’t usually say much among strangers…But with this group, that wasn’t an issue. We have, over the years, spent countless hours at various rinks while our daughters skated in games or practices for 7, 8 months.

But after a few hours though I was starting to hear the queen bee’s voice in my head even when she stopped talking for a bit… πŸ˜‚

The BBQ was a potluck so there was plenty of food. The drinks were mostly low or non-alcoholic since most of us had to drive and we had kids with us. I had half a glass of white wine and sparkling water spiked with grapefruit juice. The men had beer or cider I think.

The girls immediately congregated and at one time disappeared altogether. They would come and go and do their thing and you heard their giggling and chatter every so often. The hosts placed blankets on the grass for them and they picnicked en masse.

It was nice to get out and socialize a bit. I don’t do it often enough, and since it was local and with people I know, it was relatively easy. A fun afternoon and evening, until the headache kicked in.

Which by the way is gone now. Coffee, apparently, has magical medical powers. I just finished my second cup out here on my back porch in the bright, summery sunshine.


Happy Sunday to you, wherever you are.

17 thoughts on “Sunshine, socializing and a headache

  1. I’m not seeing this until Monday – I was being super productive yesterday morning and swept floors for over an hour while my daughter and I chatted on the phone. Coffee is a miracle drug. Glad your headache went away. 😊

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  2. Coffee is the nectar of the gods and goddesses. It also is a vasodilator, which increases blow flow to the affected area, which often reduces pain. Excedrin migraine has caffeine in it for that reason.
    Coffee is the nectar of the gods and goddesses.

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