Wrong place right time

Last night I drove my kid to the wrong venue for practice.

Boo. πŸ™‚

(Just bear with me here…I may sound like I’m complaining but really, I’m just anecdote-ing my life as it unfolds because one day when I’m all alone and old and probably depressed I’ll re-read this drivel and it will help me remember that I went through all these adventures as a parent of kids in sports during the age of the internet.)

Typically the Wednesday night practices are at a diamond by a school about 15 minutes from our house. For some reason I didn’t verify in my teamsnap app before leaving and just made an assumption about the location. Wednesday is always at that diamond…

I only realized after we arrived on time that they were practicing at the diamond 10 minutes north of there, at a diamond near a park. Also the same place where I saw the enormous bug on the weekend.


Of course by 10 minutes I mean more like 20. Because of rush hour traffic and construction.


I was kind of pissed off, mostly at myself.

When I asked my kid if he knew, he said no. Because why would he when it’s always a parent announcing when we have to leave, when they need to be ready, yada yada. Plus it’s obviously a parent who does the driving, too, while the little prodigies relax in the car and stare at their phones. There is no reason really for the kids to be proactive about any of this.

He got mad at me for being upset.

Anyway, I hate late.

I don’t do late.

I tried to explain that sometimes a little support would be nice. Would it kill my kids to glance at their teamsnap apps just as a backup in case a parent is confused/tired/stressed or whatever?

The way we let those kids just passively live their lives while waiting on them hand and foot is maddening.

Not that we do that exactly, I’m just exaggerating here because I’m in a bad mood.

You see, I typed this blog post in my car. Had I known I needed to drive aaaaall the way up there, what with rush hour and construction, I would have dressed differently and taken advantage of the little park nearby while my boy was practicing. I could have taken a walk, brought a book to read on a park bench, watch toddlers and dogs get exercised…

But I’m not dressed warm enough to spend more than a few minutes outside. Canada decided to give us more arctic weather. I’m cold, hence I’m in the car.

But the practice is too long (100 minutes) to wile away in my vehicle so I drove down to the second hand store and looked at jewellery. πŸ˜€ Almost bought some, too. This is fashion jewelery I’m talking about, btw. Neat but inexpensive stuff that looks a little vintage-ish.

But I decided not to.

And then, I saw these:

No I did not buy them either although the kids would have loved them. 😊 I’m trying to purge stuff out of the house not bring in more stuff.


Anyway. It’s almost June, the end of the school year, and my brain is fried. Earlier this week I falsely canceled two dog sitting engagements because I can no longer comprehend what I’m reading in my calendar. There is some disconnect between what my eyes are reading and what my brain is registering.


I’m noticing too that our vacation is coming up rather quickly and I should be focusing on making lists and preparing for that trip.

Instead, I spend most of my time (once the family is out of the house) writing, reading and scheduling stuff, paying bills and dealing with food.

Try not to be jealous of my exciting life.

So that was my hump day.

How are YOU doing?

16 thoughts on “Wrong place right time

  1. I relate to your desire to be on time. I am pathologically prompt. If something gets in the way of my arriving at a destination on time? WATCH OUT WORLD!

    Good resisting, too, not buying the glasses. Capturing the image is enough.

    Here’s to a (hopefully?) less hectic June!

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  2. I’m procrastinating famously at work while reading this (and now writing this comment). I’ve been there with the whole making plans, checking them, preparing, organising, and then chasing the kids to get to places that THEY WANTED TO GO! It’s tiring, and kind of soul destroying sometimes.

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  3. Oh I hate late too. my day seems just as exciting as yours except no running kids around. but paying bills, cleaning house, food shopping yes so exciting. That’s right your trip is coming up . That will be a lot of fun.

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  4. I know you asked how my Wednesday was but I’m going to share my Tuesday because it goes with your story. I live about 7 miles up a very steep road that leads to the main road, Canyon into Boulder, where I spend time most days. They began construction on Canyon a month ago and have hard closures – nothing can go through in either direction – currently the closures are 10-2 Monday-Thursday. This interferes with my normal life every day. On Tuesday I went to my dance class knowing I would have to take an alternate route home. The GPS suggests a route that will be 55 minutes, so I start heading home. About 50 minutes in, I realize it’s taking me on a road that is not meant for normal SUVs and there is no way to get through the last couple of miles. I’m beside myself with anger and have to drive all the way back to take a second alternate way which takes a little over an hour! Yep, two hours to get home. It took me until Wednesday morning to get over it. Today I’m not even going that way until after 2 because I can’t face the driving. They say the construction will go through the end of 2020. I may not survive this.

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    1. Oh my. That I can identify with too…the endless construction and all the changes to your routine is hard to adjust to. The time suck. The frustration. I get it.

      Glad you had a chance to write it out though! And you’re feeling better too. (me too.) ❀

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  5. Someday Claudette, you will be able to look back at this time with fond memories… πŸ˜‰
    With now adult and completely independent children I’ve been in that “someday” mode for awhile and it’s great, really. And a little wine helps on occasion…if you do that sort of thing!

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    1. YES! That’s one reason I took to blogging. I think perhaps I will look back and shake my head at all my stupid reactions to stupid events that, after times passes, really appear to be rather uninteresting or just a ripple in the journey through life instead of all this drama I make it out to be. πŸ˜›

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      1. I won’t complain at all about the lower stress level of living without children of any kind under my roof. I have even turned over all the planning for August vacation to my daughter since we are going together. Pack for myself, ride in the passenger seat to the ferry dock and enjoy!!

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