Another mayhem Monday

This morning I woke to some uncertainties as to whether or not I will be driving to some obscure part of town through massive amounts of construction for a baseball game the girl child was scheduled to play in later this evening.

I originally booked her off. Then I got an email from the coach asking if she was available.

I looked at the weather and saw that most of the week will be rainy and figured, why not. I’ll find a way to juggle it. It may be the only game we’ll get in this week.

So I sucked it up, went through anxiety mode to prepare for my trip by attacking google maps every which way in order to find the easiest/fastest route to get there without getting lost or losing my mind and finally calmed down enough to tackle the rest of my day. ๐Ÿ™„

Meanwhile I had an incapacitated teen on my couch. His dad booked him off school, I supplemented and Advil-ed the boy while feeding him breakfast, and prepared to take him to the doctor at 2 pm.


Next I had to plan when, and what, to eat for dinner. The boy and his dad have a game tonight, for which the boy probably won’t go but the dad, being a coach, will. Both will need to eat though. And then, as mentioned above, the girl and I would also have to leave for a game, so some creative thinking had to occur to determine food options and eating times.

Only there was no food.

So I left the boy on the couch next to his dad who was working on midterms for his college students and drove to Farm Boy (a local grocery store). I took the long way because of construction.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot my phone went berserk. I checked – it was the girl child. She has a HEADACHE and could I PICK her UP and could I come NOW and she’s not FEELING WELL…


I texted back ‘drink some water’ and waited for a bit.

She texted back ‘ok’ with three lovely emojis (hearts and smiles and an angel if you must know) and I texted the husband on the couch and said ‘can you deal with her, I just pulled into the store’.

He said yes. He then texted back that he’ll go get her, that she had complained of a headache last night as well. Could I inform her coach?

Ok then. How is two kids on the couch different from one kid on the couch?


Coach was understanding and we booked off tonight which does not make me unhappy and I went about my business of shopping for food to prevent starvation.

I even picked up ice cream. (I rarely pick up ice cream).

I found a package of chicken on sale, determined I was going to cook that for tonight and the rest of my shopping trip was relatively uneventful.

There was one little hick-up though…I noticed the dessert case had some new and interesting looking cakes and pastries on display and I yearned to take a picture to send to a friend. Except, two tubby ladies blocked the view of the entire case and since I didn’t want to appear to be taking pictures of their, um, behinds, I refrained from taking the pictures. ๐Ÿ˜œ

45 minutes later, after battling some malfunctioning traffic lights, I pulled into the driveway and brought my bags into the house.

Both man and boy turn to me and say THE POWER IS OUT.

I look around. No fridge light, no stove light, no tv, no internet.

Ok then.

I debated…should I open the freezer to save the ice cream or not…

I opened the freezer quickly and dumped the ice cream in. I also quickly put the chicken, eggs and milk in the fridge and then closed everything up again and hoped the power outage won’t last.

According to the men on the couch, it had been over an hour.

Then it dawned on me: where’s the girl?

“Oh, she’s not here, I went to sign her out at the office and she came down to say she didn’t need to come home anymore,” I was informed.


“I thought she was on her death bed?” I asked.

He shrugged. Who the hell knows how to interpret tween girls.

Guess drinking water solved her problem.

By the time the power came back on I had to leave with the boy to take him to his doctor appointment and then to the pharmacy for his meds and then when we got home there was this whole debate about whether he is well enough to play in his ball game…

I’m getting a little fed up with Monday.

So I came to my laptop to empty my head into the keyboard while ignoring all the mess and chaos behind me. I mean, the grocery bags are only half emptied and put away due to the power outage situation earlier…but I had to leave for the appointment.


You know, all I want at the beginning of a week is a day to regroup from the weekend mayhem. Unfortunately for me, today was not cooperative. There was no peace and quiet and now everyone is home and they’re expecting me to make dinner so I guess I better go and figure that out.

Goodbye Monday…I’m done with you. ๐Ÿ˜Š




16 thoughts on “Another mayhem Monday

      1. Right? My eldest spawn has finals, so Iโ€™m on an abbreviated work schedule to drop her off/pick her up. Still waiting to finalize her summer volunteer time. Next school year weโ€™ll be focusing on college prep. Iโ€™m exhausted just thinking about it! ๐Ÿ˜…

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  1. I hate your Mondays, they sound very stressful. Here in Australia, I went for a lovely walk then a horse ride then a nap then made pumpkin soup with a pumpkin from the gardenโ€ฆ sorry!! ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜ฌ G

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