Here’s what happened when I saw Kafka’s bug

Today I saw a giant, disgusting, creepy-crawly, icky bug with a million legs which was at least a foot long. 😡

Reminded me of the bug in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, although that one was more like a cockroach if memory serves… 😳

Side note: I have read this book in its original language, German, back in University, but I have never read the English translation. So on the way home from baseball I stopped at the library to re-activate my library card and picked it up off the literature shelf.

Anyway, the bug was gross. And maybe I’m exaggerating just a little about its size… 😜


I briefly considered stepping on it but then I would have had dead bug guts on the bottom of my new shoes. 😲

Eew. πŸ˜‚

This all happened at a community center near a baseball diamond where my girl had a game. I had to park there and walk along a lovely path and over a bridge to the actual diamond because the parking lot next to the diamond is torn up for construction.

Here’s a little rant: Toronto doesn’t seem to consider the bathroom needs of moms or female ballplayers when at these outdoor sports venues. Most outdoor venues are old (compared to the newer facilities in neighbouring towns who actually invest in youth sports). They do install a port-a-potty during the months of July and August, but by then the House League teams are done (only competitive teams continue through the summer months). The actual baseball season for the development and competitive teams, both of which my kids are playing in, run from May to the end of September, but apparently we don’t need to pee during those months during the sometimes 2.5 hour long games…

It all comes down to money, or the mismanaging of money if you ask me. Installing a port-a-potty is apparently very expensive yada yada and the city and its venues are old (see also hockey rinks, with paint peeling and plumbing leaking) yada yada…whatever.

Bottom line is this: if you have to pee and you don’t have a penis you can whip out behind a tree or something, then you have to walk or drive to a place that has modern indoor plumbing. And also donuts and coffee. πŸ˜‰

[Rant over.]

Anyway as I was saying, I wandered back to the community center while my girl was doing warm up prior to the game, which was a pleasant enough walk but took about 12 minutes. (This too is a slight exaggeration. So sue me.)

Then I entered through the main doors where numerous toddlers were insisting on pushing the wheelchair access button while frustrated parents just wanted to keep moving, and fondly remembered my own two minions fighting over the stupid button.

Next, I walked down the loooooong hallway past the indoor pool, where tiny babies were crawling around on dirty floors, until I reached the bathrooms at the other end near the now closed arena doors.

That’s where I saw the bug.

I lead such an exciting life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I may go find a spot to sit, sip some cool beverage, and re-read Metamorphosis. But first, I have to hang laundry and figure out what’s to eat for dinner.

Happy end of Sunday! See you next week.

11 thoughts on “Here’s what happened when I saw Kafka’s bug

  1. So desolate it seems like British Columbia might be or so I imagine. Definitely different from Florida. I remember Kafka well as every good English literature major must. Try the bugs in Florida, eeh.

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