A chance to leave the house today

Today I get to go to a track and field meet where my daughter is competing in three events. All the district schools are participating, so it will be a busy, fun (and noisy) time.

Little Miss Agility is doing a running long jump competition with girls almost a head taller to her own mini size. In order to make the running long jump team, she had to try out. She always tries out and she always makes the team. During the actual competition, she usually manages to finish somewhere near the top half of the group. Must be that she knows how to fly, maybe…

The other two events are relay, and 400 m, which is an entire lap around the track. Again, running against girls who are much taller than her has never put her off the race; she has this impressive stamina and the incredible ability to run fast, and for a long time, without worry or stress. There’s an internal propulsion in that girl that keeps her moving, and competing. I hope it sticks with her through her teenage years.

I canceled my dog walking today so I can go and watch her. I may not make the first event but I will be there for the other two. I’m keeping a close eye on the weather…it appears the rain has stopped earlier this morning and although everything is wet, the event is on. Must remember to wear water proof shoes…

Before I head out I will continue to do some writing, and maybe putter around with the crock pot for a bit. Was thinking of making spaghetti or lasagna for dinner, so if I’m on the ball I can have the sauce in the crock cooking all day. Assembly of the actual meal won’t take long. Besides, the girl child also has gymnastics tonight so a carb-y meal with protein will be exactly what she’ll crave later tonight, is my guess.

How is your Wednesday I mean Tuesday looking? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Things here are…slowly improving. I can feel the sun trying to make an appearance, which would be amazing.

18 thoughts on “A chance to leave the house today

    1. She did GREAT! Relay was tricky bec one girl had trouble grasping the baton…but they came in somewhere in the middle, and the 400 m she came in 6ths out of two groups of grade 6 girls (12 girls in total) so midway. πŸ™‚ She’s happy, I’m happy, everyone is happy.

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  1. It’s great that your daughter is so athletic and always tries out. Some are talented and never try out so they don’t get the chance to hone their talents.

    Congrats on the fact that she has been chosen to participate. Hoping she does well and if she doesn’t, no biggie, at least she tried.

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  2. Good luck to your daughter.

    here the sun is shining and the weather is promising to be good for the rest of the week. And I am really hoping that Wednesday proves to be better than Tuesday.

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  3. I’m still on Tuesday….but my daughter has her AP Art History Exam today, which I will not watch her take, but am glad it will be over because I’m actually tired of talking about art at dinner. Good luck to the girl though!!!

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