When social media irks you

Does the inside of your fridge look like this?

Yeah, mine doesn’t either…

source: https://www.instagram.com/flourist/

Actually, I have a few of those glass containers with lids…

But I tell you, no matter how I organize the fridge to make it easy for people to simply reach in and take out what they want without having to dig or reorganize other stuff, the item never ends up back in its proper location ever again.

Like the ketchup bottle…I ask people to leave it in the door on the bottom shelf. Why? Because the shortest person in this house is the biggest ketchup consumer and if she can reach it herself then theoretically she can also put it back there again.

But nooo..

One of the problems with social media is how it makes you think your life is crappy because everyone else’s life is all organized, and clean, and wonderful.

As if. I mean, we all know that’s not true, but still, we go back and scroll aimlessly…


Looking at some of the photos I see posted used to made me want to organize and purge and clean all the things in this house to make life easier. For me mostly. But it doesn’t work that way when no one else deems my neurotic ideas as ‘the only way’ or ‘the best way’.

What I want is simple:

Less stuff organized logically and simply.

I give up.

This has been a crappy week. The weekends are not really relaxing either, and the next few days are full of rain and cold weather, so I don’t know what I’m going to do to snap out of it. Maybe stay off social media. And read my many books. In the bedroom by myself.



19 thoughts on “When social media irks you

  1. I can promise you that nobody’s refrigerator looks like that. Even the assholes that post that shit don’t have refrigerators that look like that for more than 2.5 nanoseconds after the picture is taken, because life DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT. Life is messy.

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    1. Mine too. Plus my island in the middle is full of my daughter’s craft stuff. Which is both exasperating now (a huge mess) preventing me to do all of my cooking/chopping/kneading/etc on there, and probably the main thing I’ll miss when she’s off to post-secondary… 🙂

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  2. Ahhhh so you suffer like me with CADS…. compare and despair syndrome? I’m telling you it’s harder and harder just to be in the moment without worrying we are not doing enough. I do it even with my own blog and worry I don’t market enough. At the end of the day it’s about connection and remembering that we must choose to be grateful for what we have and not what we don’t. Fuck Pinterest❤️

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  3. Claudette, I share your pain. There’s only two of us now in our empty nest, and the fridge has been cleaned and organized, and it STILL doesn’t look like those beautiful Instagram photos. When my kids were young I had your approach, leave things where people will get to them. So the “fancy,” stuff was high up and the ketchup, milk, mustard, etc. were lower down. But I was forever reorganizing because no one put things back where they should go! Oy, it’s a challenge. Some weeks you’ve just got to take care of yourself and stay off the socials. Hugs to you and here’s hoping for a better day!

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  4. I’m looking at that picture. Where is the milk? The 1/2 & 1/2? The juice? The pitcher of lemonade? The gallon of water? The carton of eggs? The packages of meat thawing? The 500 condiments such as ketchup, 3 kinds of mustard, 3 kinds of salad dressings, mayo, sour cream, pickles, olives? Where are the 3 loaves of bread (because no one likes the same kind of bread), hamburger buns, hot dog buns, baguettes?

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  5. Even though it’s just me and my Mom I can’t keep the fridge organized. And I’m the only one who ever gets anything out of it!!! I’m constantly rooting around on the top shelf to find the half & half hidden behind the lemonade. Then at lunch I’m shoving everything aside to be able to reach the lemonade pitcher. The half & half drips when I pour and sometimes I’m too lazy to wipe the drip before I put it back in the fridge and then one day I’m like WHY IS THAT SHELF SUCH A MESS???? It’s an endless battle.

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  6. First off….it will get better. Second off, those are staged pictures. I think my fridge is organized yet you’re right, practically, it’s not going to stay neat unless yo7 don’t allow family into fridge. Which is a good idea in theory

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