A change of pace: some happy notes

Happy things do happen in my life, contrary to my doom and gloom posts of late. Here are a few such events:

Yesterday my 6th grader burst through the door with a huge smile on her face and launched into a flurry of words about what had her so elated.

“I got an A+ on my French test and I was the only one who got that mark!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Seems they had to read The Little Prince and were tested on it. Her teacher was thrilled with her abilities to write such introspective, well thought out answers, after only three years of French.

She’s such a little trooper girl! πŸ’—

The 8th grader came home as well yesterday with news. He reminded me he had to participate in some math challenge thing the next day, that he was selected because of his strength in that subject. I had forgotten about it but remembered signing the permission form which he gave me weeks ago when he mentioned it.

At the same time he is also invited to his new high school for an orientation on that same day, probably after math, along with all the other students who chose that school due to its half-French, half-English nature. Basically today will be a good day for him, doing new and exciting things outside of the same old daily grind which can take a toll on all of us, including our middle schoolers. I look forward to hearing about his experience. πŸ’ž

On Sunday night, after dinner, I saw everyone move off to pick up their respective screens as seems standard procedure around here (and probably in many other households too). I looked at the clock: just about 7:30 pm. Still early. So I suggested we take our new board game Catan out and learn how to play.

This took a while to get everyone on board, but once we started we all had fun! My son ended up winning…it’s the same with Monopoly with that boy. He will most likely end up a developer in adulthood… πŸ˜‰

As I sat here typing this I felt happy despite the rain outside, and a kid not getting up. Instead of letting that stuff get me down, I took the first kid off to her track practice, came back and gave my teen a back rub to get him out of bed. This is much more effective than yelling. πŸ™‚ Then, I promised I would drive him so he could eat without rushing.

He had a late practice last night so I can understand how hard it is to wake up the next day. I made him and myself a BLT minus the L. (That would be a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich for those who don’t know what the acronym means, but we had no lettuce, the guinea pigs ate the rest of it. Maybe I should have kept the lettuce for the humans and plucked some weeds for the pigs…) 😜

Happy whatever day today is, peeps.

16 thoughts on “A change of pace: some happy notes

  1. I’d have eaten the guinea pigs, with salad!!
    I actually did eat them in Peru, there is always the moral issue with eating animals that some keep as pets, but I ate it and it was pretty good.

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      1. Prepare to be amazed but I’ve never seen Walking Dead, GOT, Star Wars (any) or pretty much anything of that ilk. Apart from sport, documentaries and the news, my telly isnt ever on.

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    1. She is in French Immersion, so all of the ‘art’ subjects are in French (language, social studies, history) and all the other subjects (math, science, media) are in English. It’s half day of French half day of English. And she is definitely advanced in her French, from the sounds of it. πŸ™‚

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  2. Aw, such a cheery post! Wow – a 6th grader with 3 years of French! My kids didn’t get to take a language until they were just starting 6th grade. It wasn’t until High School when one of them read The Little Prince (which was a favorite!). Congrats on enjoying the moments in your day that bring you joy – a backrub instead of yelling included. That looks like an interesting board game! I’m sure you would’ve picked weeds for the pigs had it been sunny out instead of raining. Do you ever just let them run around in the yard? I did that with mine when I was growing up. Happy Tuesday!

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    1. The pigs have a pen outside and I move them around to the weediest part of the lawn! πŸ™‚ Yes, definitely they enjoy their outdoor space.

      I know, right? Feeling joy instead of irritation sets the tone. Must remember this in the future. πŸ™‚

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