I complain, therefore I am…

Yesterday, this happened while I was out running around with my list.

Don’t talk to me I hate everything…

I rarely eat fast food. But I was starving and not done shopping and my evening schedule got changed with less than half a day’s notice so I was already moody and stressed. I hadn’t had lunch and the Golden Arches were mocking me so I stopped and, although I was going to only order the fries, I ended up ordering the meal deal.


So there I was, sitting in a grimy McDonalds surrounded by weary moms with sticky toddlers and senior citizens sipping coffees and staring off into space. With various shopping bags in the car waiting to be dealt with when I got home. After stopping at another couple of places.


Then, after I ate that crap, I realized the one thing I forgot to pick up at the health food store earlier was digestive enzymes. Have you ever tried those after eating a meal that was either too much food or food that’s heavy on grease and animal fat? It works. I was really surprised when I discovered this quite by accident years ago.

It also works when I eat junk food. This, fortunately, doesn’t happen often but we all know what it’s like…Sometimes you just make bonehead decisions on a whim. So for the remainder of my day yesterday, I ended up regretting my lunch choice.

But of course, as is standard in my life, my day was going to get more, not less, complicated…

I got home in a pissy mood. The side door was locked and it took my partner forever to come open it. Why didn’t I use the front door, he wanted to know. Because I had to dispose of the garbage in the car that people left, I said. People who are not me…The garbage bins are located by the side door.

He did offer to help carry in the rest of the bags. πŸ™‚

Then he said the teen isn’t coming home till later, the teacher is keeping him back. This is the second time in as many weeks this has happened so he wanted me to set up an appointment with the teacher for Friday.

Today is Friday. We have an appointment for 3:30 pm. I won’t bore you with all the creative re-scheduling of already booked events for Friday afternoon I had to go through to make that happen…

Fine. It appears that getting through the rest of Grade 8 isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine…

All I want is to get through this school year without anyone ending up dead, in jail or in the looney bin. Is that too much to ask? 😜

I wanted to sit with a glass of wine to decompress, but alas, I had to drive a kid to a city 40 minutes north of here for a fitting for next year’s hockey season. The make-up date was on Saturday, which, if I’m reading my calendar correctly, is triple booked already so I had to get that done last night.

No wine for me. 🍷


Anyway. This hasn’t been the greatest week. Perhaps, next week will be better.

At least, there was no complaining about weather today, did you notice that? Just complaining about all the other shit. πŸ™ƒ

So much for my budding writing career.

I’ll come up with better topics to talk about in this blog for next week. If you have any ideas, drop me a comment.


18 thoughts on “I complain, therefore I am…

  1. My weeks have been similar recently – just trying to get from one day to the next without any major disasters happening. I’ve found that staying the hell away from the Facebook boast-wall helps a lot.

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  2. Next time get the Fish Fillet sandwich, it’s actually not bad. I never could eat their hamburgers, although I do like the fries if they are hot. I thought I might mention that I had to follow you again. When I commented on your comment about the new block Editor, I noticed I was not following you anymore? Then tonight a regular follower of mine told me she had to re-follow me when she clicked on my site. I think this might have something to do with going back and forth between the block editor and the classic. I hope not, but it’s certainly very strange, and maybe another reason not to use it. PS. I hope our weather straightens around soon, as it is just plain depressing.


  3. I meant to comment yesterday but that’s what happens when you read posts at the gym…I can read on the bike but not respond and then I forget….but anyway….just remember Claire Cook wrote her first novel in the car while she waited for her kids from dance


  4. Breath … next week will be better . Weather is suppose to be . McDonald’s actually looked good . Haven’t had that in awhile . Then once I have I’m good for awhile. Oh the busyness of school kinda miss it . You wait where I’m standing is way to quiet . I think you may not like it. So enjoy the business because it does calm down way too much.

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  5. My writing lexicon is rubbish, my complaining lexicon is a veritable literary bouquet.
    Its good for the soul, I always tell myself that and I’m happy with my own reasons, ergo I complain.
    A lot.
    About almost anything.

    The Golden Arches are NOT complained about though, I’m a huge (pun intended) fan.

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