Writing life while cooped up inside


I’m over my rant from yesterday. πŸ™„ Thank you to those of you who have reached out. πŸ’•

Supposedly there is no break in the forecast as per what I’m seeing on the morning show currently but it is supposed to be dry enough tonight to hold an outdoor baseball practice. Maybe. If the fields aren’t damaged by the incessant rainfall.

BUT. There is nothing I can do about that. β˜”β˜”β˜”

What I can do is focus on my day. Last night for example I initiated the next step to publish some of my creative stories. I worked into the evenings which isn’t usually something I do well; I tend to be a morning person with all of my creative juices in full flow then. Evenings are more for reading, after the kid-activities prep (food) and schlepping to venues (weather permitting) is done. I still do the prep but sometimes the activity doesn’t happen due to the nature of the sports being outdoors now. Can’t have kids tripping around muddy fields with baseball bats and gloves…(seriously, can you imagine how many sprained ankles this would cause?)

Mother nature better get with the program soon.

So, in evenings, I read. Or write notes. Or research. Or fall down the internet rabbit hole..

Have I mentioned Evernote before? That’s the application I use for all of my writing, research, note-taking. It’s fantastic and syncs to my other devices (two for the free version, more if you pay the fee).

I’ll leave you with this, a little reminder of what I miss while being cooped up inside…

Isn’t this a cute doormat? I should go back to the store and get it for myself.


11 thoughts on “Writing life while cooped up inside

  1. Cheered up then grumpy?? (Smiley emoji thing). I was going to ask what you use for your writing, Evernote is good for note taking etc but not ideal (for me) for writing full stories. I used Scrivener until just recently, when it refused to open leaving me with about half a million words stuck inside in various writing projects. I’m now on the lookout for something else, maybe some of your writing readers may have other options. I found Scrivener brilliant for everything (except when it didn’t open) although it is something you have to buy, but I just cant risk losing so much work again.

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    1. I have Scrivener which is great for when I actually write something more than fragments of short stories. I plan on copy and pasting from Evernote to Scriv or someplace when I get my shit together.

      I use Word too. I don’t know. Evernote is a good backup place too.

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