Hump day drivel

Listen. I’m sick of living in this country. The weather sucks here in my corner of 🇨🇦. It’s May 1st for effs sake and we have rain, cold, grey skies and no sign of spring. This has been going on after a BRUTAL, long winter. I’m Fed.Up. So don’t expect some Happy Happy Joy Joy from me in this blog today…

I have nothing to say either that would interest anyone. I have no life, other than the day in day out same old. Doesn’t make for particularly interesting blog fodder. Even my dog walking has reduced…that’s my part-time job and I must find a way to increase this gig by posting flyers around the ‘hood.

Perhaps WHEN THE RAIN STOPS I can pick this up again, too. Argh.

So what do I do all day, besides the usual tend to house and family and food and shopping and sick kids and all the rest of it?

Basically I spend most of my time writing short stories whenever I get a few moments of peace and quiet.

My aim is to publish some of them on a kindle platform; I have a friend who knows how to do this so I will take her up on the offer to help me and get started. Perhaps this week is the week I will publish my first story for all of you to read… 🙂

While writing, I’ve been using an online thesaurus. Do you do this? I think this is my most favorite thing to do, to look up synonyms. For example, in one of my stories I noticed I’ve used the word reach far too many times.

Automatically, his hands reached for her. He ran his hands along her arms, then along her waist until he reached her back.

So awkward. Along, reach…I mean, this isn’t particularly creative.

I had to re-write the sentence and come up with some better words.

At the same time, I recognize that when writing, especially when I’m inspired, editing isn’t of primary importance. Editing comes later. Just get the words on the page. Get them out.

It’s tricky, and takes practice, but it works. At least for me. Then, later, I re-read and re-write by actively using the online thesaurus and a variety of source dictionaries to help me improve my story.

Do you use a thesaurus?

So there you have it. A non-blog post full of drivel. I hope your week is progressing better than mine. Happy Hump Day. Send us some sunshine if you happen to be in a place that has some.

34 thoughts on “Hump day drivel

  1. I use Same as you, if I’m not careful I can find myself using the same word repeatedly, at which point I have to either make cuts or find a different word.

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  2. I very rarely edit anything I write. I have played with grammarly in the past though, and was hugely impressed. My problem seems to be bothering to use any of the tools though – I tend to just empty my head into a text editor, then copy and paste it into WordPress – which explains my horrific grammar and punctuation from time to time.

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  3. We live in Canada too. What province do you live in? I’ve concluded that Canada is just too cold for me and that’s my incentive to move. I have no desire to leave this country but I’m over the cold weather. My daughter’s been wanting to blow bubbles so instead, we blew bubbles inside the house.

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    1. Well bubbles in the house works too. 🙂

      The problem with my region in Canada (we’re in Toronto) is that as soon as the cold moves on we have heat and humidity. lol…there seems to be very little pleasant weather in between. I think that’s the reason why I like fall so much, it’s warm during the day, cool at night, the colours on the trees are gorgeous and I can’t get enough of being outside. The rest of the year? meh. 🙂

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      1. My cousin lives in Toronto! My parents live an hour and a half from Toronto so they used to take me to TO once a year to go shopping lol The snow is different than it is in Calgary where I am currently living. The cold is a lot more intense here and the snow isn’t packing snow. At least we get chinooks which makes the cold weather slightly more tolerable. I also like spending time outside but I burn easily in the summer. I spend most of my time indoors sadly.

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  4. Sometimes excitement is over rated. Like with my blog, a lot of excitement over store, opening, closing, going to the Middle East, studying for my certification, always busy and then dead stand…finally settled in making the best with my job, my husband’s cancer, the house, etc. Boring but stable sounds great to me and when I get bored I reread my diaries of discovering the anomalies which happened along the way. I am now grateful for the still times which make me appreciate all I have.

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    1. You are right, of course. When we’re so busy we can’t see straight we yearn for the down time. Then when it comes…we wonder what’s going on. It’s tricky, managing the balance. I just wish I could switch it up a bit. Go outside in the sun would help my mental health state. But I know it’s coming. I’m just getting a little impatient.

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      1. I know what you mean though. Just the other night, I was thinking I was bored and then I remembered some of “these” times. My tell is I begin to clean when I am upset or even bored and the exercise and the systematic boredom of organizing moves me forward. Yes, get out in the sun and near that beautiful park you posted pictures of!

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  5. It’s cold, raining and therefore cloudy here in Greece too. So don’t worry about it. When I’m in the uk I get like this as it’s even more dismal. It will pass. You just need enough books and drawing materials. Tv can help along with a nap and good food. Shopping also. Perhaps even socialising via blogging or social media?

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  6. We’ve been having crappy weather in Wisconsin too. It hits us first then comes your way. It’s been cold and rainy, but at least it hasn’t been snowing for a few days. Pathetic! But it is a really good time to get some writing in because who is tempted to be outside? Spring will come soon, I hope!

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  7. Words girl, words. Get them on the page. Reaching or pulling or feeling can all come later.
    By the way, its May 1st here too in the north west corner of France and effin cold wet and windy.

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  8. Writing about being down in the dumps can make for successful writing. Dostoevsky is a good example. Also, some of the posts I read about being down in the dumps make for some of the most interesting reading. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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    1. Maybe. I searched for similar topics and found plenty of misery in the blog world. I wonder though, will that HELP me get out of the funk? Redirecting to something other than the depressing weather helps me to move beyond it. But I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes, deep thoughts on what’s causing us to feel down inspire creativity…

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      1. Write about things about which you feel passionate. This will take your mind off other things for awhile, it will give you something to be proud of, and it is the surest way to success because if you feel passionate about it, chances are that others feel that way too.

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