Aches and pains in sporty kids

Last evening I took my sporty teen-aged kid to get a massage.

The way he reacts to new things is probably typical to some teenagers, although not all kids might be quite this stubborn. His younger sister for example, she loves to try new things and is often first to volunteer. She has been like this since infancy and during her toddler years drove me nearly nuts! πŸ˜‚

Frankly, it’s a miracle she’s alive and I’m not in a mental institution (yet). πŸ™ƒ

Her older brother however was always more of a cautious, apprehensive child. He, like me, needs to get the lay of the land first, so to speak, and slowly warm up to the idea of trying something new. He is not a risk-taker.

I’m ok with that.

But. The boy has been growing like a weed and for the past few months or so he’s complained of foot and leg pain. We checked his skates during hockey season (they were fine), his shoes (replaced them and gave him insoles), and baseball cleats (new, not yet used). So…might not be the footwear causing him discomfort.

Since I love my massage therapist, and we have 80% coverage through my partner’s benefits package at work, I decided to ignore the complaining and booked him into a 30-minute session with Jessica.

While standing at the door yesterday with car keys in hand waiting for him to unplug and roll off the couch, I was treated to a barrage of complaining from my teen:

I don’t need a massage.

I don’t wanna go.

I don’t want a massage.

It’s tricky, forcing kids to do stuff. I don’t like it, but sometimes I have to be the evil parent. I promised him if he’s uncomfortable we can stop the massage, I’ll stay in the room with him, and to please keep an open mind. Finally, I reminded him that all athletes, especially the pros, get regular massages plus physio and a variety of other body-related treatments.

“It’s part of it,” I explained. “You play two competitive sports simultaneously and your body is growing and changing, just give this a chance.”

Unsurprisingly, at least to me, he ended up liking it. πŸ™„

My boy, or maybe teen boys in general, isn’t usually very forthcoming with a lot of feedback (unless he’s complaining about school or something like that) but his body language told me more than his words.

I held back coaxing details out of him, that would have been counter-productive, but in my mind I knew he was ok.

I went home and booked him again for three weeks from now, prior to his week long school trip to camp.

He didn’t complain.

Mama was right again. 😜

Next up is me on Monday, then the girl child the following week. She’s currently in school track and field (relay, 100 meters race, running long jump), gymnastics and baseball. She too has leg pain, so she probably will get a similar massage. And, it may help her with the Osgood Schlatter symptoms, a condition affecting the ligaments, typically in the knees, which active kids sometimes go through but outgrow when they reach adult height.

I feel fortunate to have access to these type of alternative treatments not just through my partner’s work benefits, but also geographically. I have tried a few massage places over the years and never really felt completely comfortable with most of them, but this one is perfect. The location is walking distance and, if we choose to drive, free parking is available on a nearby residential street, my daughter’s school is literally right around the corner which makes booking her sessions after school so easy, and my masseuse is really good at her job.

So, another new experience has been successfully accomplished by a kid of mine. And, by default, by his mom. That would be me. (I was right, na na naa…)

*:)) laughing

How’s your Thursday shaping up so far?

5 thoughts on “Aches and pains in sporty kids

  1. My daughter is the more cautious thinks everything through like me . My son is the risk taker. My son loves massages after all his sorts his senior yr and training in the army he went to get several massages . My daughter who get use it for relaxation is a bit more hesitant on trying it. Yes in indeed mama does know bestπŸ™‚

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  2. I have learned little in life but two lessons I have managed to retain are:
    1. Women are always right.
    2. Your mum is a woman.

    Massages are a great thing for sports types, I was training for an Ironman triathlon last year and was very lucky to have access to my own physio who gave me a full massage two or three times a week, it really helped.

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