Reflecting on posts of fellow bloggers

I read a bit of a heartbreaking post the other day and reflected on his words for some time after.

Then, I tried to turn this into an opportunity to reflect on my own current state of mind. Am I spending too much time inside my own head?

I am my own worst enemy.

I go up and down and sideways with my internal turmoil that it mostly leaves me mentally exhausted rather than inspired, or focused on the here and now.

I needed to get outside. Like Sam reminded me in his last post, being out of doors is a welcoming respite.

Yesterday, I biked out into the lake 🚴 . I mean, not into the water 🙃, that would be cold and wet 🌊, but out into the little panhandle thingy that marks the entrance of the marina, still void of boats. Toronto is experiencing a late spring awakening this year, but the boats aren’t traditionally crane-lifted into the water until the end of April which is this upcoming weekend, probably. Instead, I saw a heron and evidence from beavers in the relatively still and empty bay that soon will bustle with rich people drinking cocktails on their yachts. 🍹🍸

Note: we are neither rich nor owners of a yacht. We don’t even own a dingy. 😂

Funny side story: years ago we pushed a baby stroller while walking our dog near the marina when we came upon a huge yacht for sale. It had a name painted on its side as is standard practice for boats. The yacht’s name was Alimony. Ha. 😜


While on the bike wishing the sun was out but simultaneously thanking the rain gods for keeping the flood gates closed a while longer, I was once again reflecting on just how much of an introvert I really am.

But I wasn’t really alone. Partly because I noticed other loners wandering around, mostly with dogs on leashes or giant cameras around their necks (that would be the bird watchers and nature seekers).

I also saw quite a few seniors, really old couples, walking around the grounds. One couple must have been at least 80 and they were walking hand in hand…

I took a few pictures and short clips of my surroundings while marveling at the vastness that is Lake Ontario. There is no horizon, just like an ocean, that’s how enormous that lake is. (Of course there is an actual shore at the other end, called America, you just can’t see it.)

That’s the little panhandle I biked toward. The horizon, where the water meets the sky, is where New York State is located.
Sitting on the rocks on the panhandle near the little light beacon.
My path away from the light beacon toward the city skyline with its looming CN Tower, which is east of my location. This park is in the most south-western part of Etobicoke, another name for Toronto’s west end.

It’s hard to explain how I was feeling. But I’ll try:

  • Exhilarated because I was out in the fresh air getting exercise
  • Relieved to be alone for a short while after a long weekend of nonstop family time with too much food and noise
  • Worried the rain will start before I get home
  • Wishing my cycling friend was here
  • Longing for coffee (lol)

After I biked home, the rain started. Literally the moment I stepped into the house. Perfect timing. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent sharing some of my clips with a friend, answering scheduling emails, and putting a dent in the laundry saga. I will have to continue laundry today – I took down the spring and summer clothing from the attic, some of which needs washing, so there’s double the amount sitting on the floor in bags and bins as usual.

What I did not get to was the rest of the teamsnap scheduling (kids’ baseball activities), and cooking. Because in the middle of making my casseroles I realized we’re out of pasta (we’re never out of pasta…) and I had to go to the store. Where I promptly bought, and ate in the car, an ice cream bar. Ha.

Then, the teen, whom I offered to pick up because I was already picking up the other kid, didn’t come because the teacher kept him back for something. Turns out he had his first ever hour-long detention. I sure hope this is the only detention in the remaining few months of grade 8 or else, that PS4 will be making its way up into the attic…

SIGH. (lol)

Finally, we left for a school meeting while allowing the troublesome teen to stay home with expectations that he clean the entire kitchen, before watching terrible NHL hockey which caused me to drink red wine 🍷🍷.  I type this with a headache caused by the aforementioned wine while on my second cup of coffee so far this morning ☕ .

I am also yearning for an Advil.

And so we reach Hump Day. 🙂 How are you managing to get through your week?


14 thoughts on “Reflecting on posts of fellow bloggers

  1. Seems that is exactly what blogging is for. Writing is therapy and communication and connection all at the same time. At least for me. I enjoy seeing the reality of your day to day and can relate in some ways. (My little remote community is tiny but the laundry waiting for me is not.) 😏

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  2. As a writer you’re probably a reader too. I have just finished a truly excellent, nay, outstanding book, which deals a lot on self reflection, called “The Choice” by Edith Eger. I read it in a single sitting, remarkable. The last bit, where she’s talking about how great she is with so many successes I found a little unnecessary, but as she’s lived with your bigger neighbours for over 50 years I suppose that sort of comes as second nature eventually, but I found the rest of the book spellbinding. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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  3. It is nice to see your pics. It seems so desolate yet I believe you live in a big city. Here, I meet lots of traffic biking and to be truly alone in an area like the one in your photo, you need to attach your bike to a car and drive 5 miles or so to a biking trail.

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    1. We live in a huge, congested metropolitan city of almost 3 million inhabitants. The little neighbourhood here (there’s 3 that join each other) here in the south western end are prime locations for people who want to live close to work in the city but still get a suburban feel at home. We got into this neighbourhood right before it exploded economically speaking, with a huge influx of new families and renovations. All the tiny bungalows are disappearing with old people moving on and young families coming in and building second stories on top of existing houses. It’s crazy expensive to live here now, so we were really lucky to get in when prices were still relatively normal.

      The parks along the shores are part of the attraction and what makes it feel so remote. It’s just a small area that’s remote(ish)…it takes less than 10 minutes to sit in gridlock traffic.

      Great place to raise a family. 🙂

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      1. Sounds nice. We live in a city of about 300,000 but combined with the St. Pete area, over 1 million. We have parks galore nearby and our neighborhood is now very popular near the University and downtown. Gridlock is inevitable everywhere!

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