Momlife: sports, dinner and bike rides


There will be no dinner this week.

This is, of course, a lie. I’m not letting anyone starve to death. I’m just saying, planning any sit-down dinners this week is futile as no more than two members of this family will be in the house at the same time around traditional dinner times. If that.

Why? I’ll give you some hashtags:

#YouthSports #baseball #parenting #children #momlife #teens #ACK

Outdoor baseball hasn’t even started yet. Indoor training however ended last night for the boy and last week for the girl. But, for some reason, the schedule for this week is FULL.

Outdoor begins next week. Let’s hope for dry, sunny weather. Is this too much to ask for, CANADA?? Sheesh.

There’s a lot going on this time of year with the schools too: spring assemblies, parent meetings about upcoming grade 8 trips, concerts, track and field practices and events, you name it.

It. Never. Ends.

But back to dinner.

What to do with all the leftover Easter ham?

I’m thinking mini-casseroles with pasta, broccoli and cauliflower, drizzled with cheese. Make ahead, heat in microwave, eat whenever you’re here. Put leftovers in the freezer for another day.

Or, make a similar concoction with potatoes maybe?

Certainly thinking ahead for the startup of the spring sports will help my sanity levels.

Did I mention my daughter is also trying out for the school track team? Early morning practices have me dealing with protein breakfasts, too. More ham, I guess. And some hard-boiled Easter eggs. Neither of which she wants to eat. My girl child prefers white bread products with butter and honey. I’m trying hard to bribe her with the ham, or at least yogurt…I don’t know. Whatever.


One great thing worth mentioning though: instead of driving her over to her friend’s house yesterday, she and I dug out the bikes from behind all the clutter in the garage. They were buried behind tires that need switching out from the one car, as winter has definitely moved on now (and if it comes back I DON’T CARE the winter tires are coming off!).

Which is what I’ll be doing again, this morning, as soon as I hit publish. Take my bike and exercise my legs a bit. Soak up a bit of sun before the rain returns. 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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