If it takes a fight then so be it

I made them dinner last night even though their dad wasn’t coming home to eat. Typically on those days, I let them fend for themselves or throw together leftovers.

Making dinner was relatively easy as I had pizza dough in the fridge, a foresight from two days ago to double the recipe. I am the queen of recipe-doubling! Ask me how many packages of ready-to-eat Mexican beef, pasta sauces, or meatballs I have in my freezer. ๐Ÿ™‚

While I rolled out the dough I made them sweep, vacuum and de-clutter the entire open concept area around me.

I will spare you the various antics that ensued to get them to conform to my wishes pleads expectations, but I will say this:

Their dad avoids confrontation.


I’m half Italian…BRING IT ON.


What I mean by this isn’t that I *want* a fight, certainly not. I was quite sick with a nasty head cold all day, didn’t even make it out to food shopping due to all the sneezing. (I’m basically screwed now for Easter…I will either need my visitors to bring stuff, or head out on Saturday morning with the masses.)

What I mean is that it’s easier, in some ways, to navigate the ugly scene when their dad isn’t here. The kids know that tears and complaining doesn’t stick to me, and that my threats to remove electronics actually does happen. I don’t believe in empty threads. (This too is easier to uphold as a ‘single’ parent during one of those moments).

Sorry. Didn’t mean to rant there.

Bottom line here is that while I made them their pizzas, they did a good job cleaning up the crumbs and debris, de-cluttered their craft area, put dishes into the washer and organized the entrance way. The girl even removed the cushions on the sofa to suck up the popcorn mess they make while watching Netflix while the teen and I moved the furniture so he could vacuum underneath, too.

I got to wake up to a clean and tidy spot today to type this into my phone with coffee, and tissue boxes, beside me. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all I want…some cooperation to keep the communal living areas suitably clean for all of us. I realize mess and clutter doesn’t bother them, but it bothers me and since I live here too…

I refuse to allow them to continue to devalue me and my needs and wants.

So. It worked. Only a small glass got broken in the process (don’t ask), and yes, there was some yelling, but after, they happily ate their pizzas, and I let them plug in at will.

In fact, I double drugged myself and went to bed at 8:30 pm. If my eyes hadn’t watered so much due to this cold I would have loaded Blink, The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell, into my library app and started re-reading it.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do today since there isn’t much to do and all the shops are closed..

What’s on your list for Good Friday?

17 thoughts on “If it takes a fight then so be it

  1. In France Good Friday doesn’t exist as a holiday, they only have Easter Monday as a free day.
    Plans for the weekend are to ride my bike, clean out my garage then mow the garden if the neighbours are away (don’t want to disturb them).

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  2. Stores are closed where you live? I’m doing 3 in-store appearances today and tomorrow. It’s a big shopping time here. Yesterday the manager at the store where I was signing books said it was their busiest Thursday in a while. Feel better.

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    1. Only tourist attractions are open here today on Good Friday, and some 24 hour convenience stores. Everything will open tomorrow again which will be madness…but I have no choice, I have to get stuff tomorrow since I could barely move yesterday.

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      1. It’s weird…I think a few drug stores are open here as well and many of them sell basic food items too so we’re not left with nothing open. Still, it’s kind of nice to leave commercialisation behind for a day…


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