Feeling sorry for myself

I have the worst head cold.

It came at me right after I got home walking Jasper down to the lake yesterday.

The walk was wonderful! If you can call it a walk…that pooch has to stop every three steps to sniff and tinkle. This does NOTHING for my cardiovascular health I tell you…πŸ™ƒ

But while out there soaking up the sunshine, I could feel something happening inside my head. My throat was a bit off, my ears were ringing, I had the sniffles…

About an hour after I got home it hit me like a ton of bricks. I went through an entire box of tissues that afternoon. So much snot.

I managed to drive myself to the drug store to buy some cold meds so I could at least sleep, hoping it’ll be gone by today. I have a list! I have crap to do! I have people coming over on one of the weekend days! I have food shopping to get done…

It never ends.

I went to bed at 8 pm. I woke up feeling the same. But it hasn’t moved elsewhere so I’m guessing the worst will be over by tomorrow.

I did get them to order chicken delivery for dinner last night. A charbroiled whole chicken with fries. I did this on purpose knowing there might be some leftover meat on the carcass which there was. I put the remainders in my dutch oven which is now simmering on my stove as chicken soup. πŸ™‚

Chicken soup has magical powers when you’re sick. Everyone knows that.

Even when I’m sick I’m thinking about practical stuff.

As a relatively healthy person, I don’t usually get knocked off my feet for long when a cold hits. Let’s hope this one is short-lived.

In the meantime, I have a few hours left before the kids get home with all their drama. To avoid infecting them I’m walking around with a paper towel soaked in ethanol alcohol which I use to rub down my hands every time I want to touch something. πŸ˜› And, I’ll wash the pillow cases and hand towels today, as well.

I know you’re jealous of my exciting life here… πŸ™‚

Happy it’s almost the long weekend!


14 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for myself

  1. Oh I feel your pain I have this cold with allergies .. it’s knocking me off my feet. Same with my daughter the boxes of Kleenex we’ve got through.. it’s nasty. I hear you I ordered out too could my deal with cooking. But today was like I have no choice a bill needs to get paid have to get to bank .. in a total fog..

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  2. Feel better! I just returned from the dentist who extracted 3 back teethe. A rather expensive and lengthy process will begin over the next two months. Getting older and finally my teethe are feeling my age.

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      1. Yes, soft food for awhile. And more visits for the next two month! I can’t wait until it is over….get plenty of liquids and feed your cold. I look forward to eating again normal food.

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