Writing when familial distractions abound

Do you want to know how hard it is to write when there are endless familial distractions around you?

Especially if you’re trying to write romantic, sexy scenes?

Maybe writing romantic fiction isn’t in the cards for me after all. πŸ™„

Picture it:

I’m in my little corner on the main floor. If at least one person is home, chances are they’re also on the main floor.

It’s pretty here, nicer than in the basement – bright, sun-filled (if there’s sun), open concept, access to kitchen (food, drink), big screen TV, comfy couch etc.

I face a wall in my little corner, next to a window which lets in afternoon sun. My laptop is lifted to eye level on some contraption my partner bought for himself but isn’t using, so I installed it on my desk. This helps me with keeping my back/neck straight.

I sit here while I read, write and edit my stories. Like this:


She makes a decision. One that is out of character for her, and completely out of her comfort zone.

She announces that the tub looks really inviting and she’s going to soak in it.

“It’s been a long day not without stress. I’m going to relax in this tub before dinner,” she says and looks at him.



I turn my head. What the hell just happened?

Oh, he is loading something into the dishwasher and a stack of some dishes must have tipped over.

I sigh, go back to my story, and try to immerse myself back into the current scene.


She turns on the water in the tub and leaves him standing there as she heads toward her luggage in the bedroom.

“I’m going to change,” she simply says and avoids over-thinking the situation.

He’ll either leave, or stay, she tells herself and gets on with the business of undressing.


There’s another loud noise coming from the kitchen.

This time it’s the kettle. He’s boiling water for the French press.

Blah. It’s hard to concentrate when there’s all this activity going on behind me…

I start to fantasize about having a She Shed in my backyard…

He looks at me and can tell I’m irritated.

“I’m going to work in the office downstairs,” he tells me as he continues making his coffee.

Fine. That works for me. I go back to my story.


She wonders what she’ll find when she gets back to the bathroom.

What she finds is him already in the tub.

She stands on the edge and watches him watch her.

She asks him how it feels, in there.

He likes it, he says.

She hesitates. She has nothing on besides the robe. He’s almost certainly naked.


There’s another noise. WTF now?

His phone. He immediately answers it and puts it on speaker phone.

He’s a pacer. He paces around the entire main floor where my writing corner is, while talking to whomever on speaker phone. The half-finished coffee is on the counter…

This is the time when I yearn for a bigger house, or at least another room where I could go to and close the door.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him for wanting to be up here doing stuff, I am just annoyed that I have no place to escape to.

And sharing his office space downstairs is not an option, I’m a minimalist and he’s…the opposite of a minimalist. πŸ™‚

It’s worse when the kids are here. Plus, anyone could stand behind me and read over my shoulder. Which is not what I want some impressionable teens to do at the moment… πŸ˜‚

The other option is to put a headset on and listen to some music, but this doesn’t always work pending the type of writing I do. Blogging, for example, is easier to do with music in my ears. When I’m writing hot tub scenes however, I don’t want any noises distracting my, um, visuals… πŸ™ƒ

I desire for absolute silence. πŸ˜›

My other problem is that my time to write is rather limited. Usually a couple of hours after the kids leave for school in the morning and before I head out to walk my dogs (a little side business I have running in the neighbourhood) is my optimal time to write. Between 9ish to 11ish…

This works mostly if everyone is out of the house for the morning. Given the flexible schedule my partner has, this only happens a couple to three times a week.

I mean, I make it work anyway, but it’s just a little bit more challenging to concentrate when he has a work from home day…

Maybe I just have to find another place to write. Maybe the bedroom? On the bed, propped up against the pillows, with my laptop on my lap?

This isn’t going to work for posture…

Me and my petty little problems.

Tell me about your writing space and time. Am I the only one who’s challenged with this unique set of problems?

23 thoughts on “Writing when familial distractions abound

  1. When you live in a busy household, you learn to be creative in problem solving. I bought a pair of Walkers ear muffs, the ones they wear at the gun range to protect their hearing. My nephew who lives here was born out of season and plays 60’s and 70’s music all the time. While I love Toto and never tire of the song ‘Africa’, I simply cannot think and listen to music at the same time.
    The dogs bark any time that a neighbor walks down the street, opens their garage door, of someone comes walking up or down the staircase. It’s a hazard of having furry lovable intrusion warning systems.
    I am not totally unable to hear. For instance, I can hear of someone is screaming my name, pounding on my door, or my phone is ringing beside me. Hint: if you get them too tight, you will hear your heartbeat and breathing and that can be quite annoying at times.
    But, all in all, because if I hear ‘O-O-Ophelia’ one more time, I may go off the reservation and that might be bad. Seriously, do you know how much of an ear worm that song can be?!!! Oy vey!

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  2. Okay I get it … I feel bad for you . When your so into it and you just just want to write .. my hubby as I’m writing or reading is watching tv whether in our bedroom or living room he will say oh did you see that oh that was funny . I just roll my eyes…


  3. Noise cancelling headphones and Pandora’s film scores…that’s what works for me. I refuse to be bothered because people wanna act like they don’t see me writing, reading, or whatever. When they see those big, red Beats headphones on my head, no one says a word and I can’t hear a word lol

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  4. It’s so hard to concentrate when anyone else is around. When I started writing, I had to (repeatedly) explain to my BF that if I’m sitting at my laptop I’m working. That means you need to be silent and invisible. He sometimes still turns on the TV in the room where I’m working or the one next to it. There are no doors to block it off.

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    1. Yup laptop on and in front of me equaling mommy is working was so hard to get through my family’s head (it’s still a work in progress some days lol)

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  5. I feel your pain. I’ve been working on a book and decided to press the pause button until my daughter starts kindergarten (or I luck into a week-long vacation away alone).

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  6. Since my son is grown with a family of his own, I write in my bedroom; my very own space since hubby started snoring and kicking me in the face in his sleep. Yeah, I know, right? I’ve had peace and quiet ever since I kicked him out except for his TV blaring 24/7 and the dogs barking every five minutes. That’s when I slam the door shut and cram earplugs in my ears. Then, my neighbor cranks up the lawn mower. That’s when I run into his yard yelling and swinging a ball bat. At least that’s what I feel like doing.

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  7. I feel this often. Either I am correcting papers; my turn to make dinner; or worrying about my husband’s military buddy dropping in. EEh. Then I feel anti social when I go in the other room and close the door. If my husband has the tv on, I can definitely hear everything including all the sports obits. Oh to be retired as he is. Thanks for listening..

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  8. I was expecting ‘Plus, anyone could stand behind me and read over my shoulder’ and children reading steamy erotica isn’t a good idea. 😞I feel for you Claudette, I couldn’t ‘create’ with those distractions , perhaps stick to taking hot sensual showers then quickly download onto your phone! 😲Why not write in the bathroom!!!

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