The horrible day that Tuesday usually is…

…turned out not so horrible after all.

I wrote an amazing story today which I wanted to share with a friend, but I’m still editing it a bit here and there. This happened this morning, before I had to go walk a dog which, lucky for me, occurred prior to the rain falling.

Walking the dog in dry weather is much more pleasant than in gloomy showers, I’m sure we can all agree.

The rain waited to drop from the sky until later, after I left the medical building with my daughter to head back to the side street where we parked the car. But it wasn’t really raining, just a bit of a drizzle, and the walk was short, so no harm done.

All the anxiety I suffered about one way streets, construction and the usual city roads mayhem was for nothing; I managed to get to the place with time to spare, find a parking spot that was free (on a time limit), and there was almost no wait time at the doctor’s office.

The girl child wanted pie after so we popped into the Sobey’s and picked up mini cherry pies for her and her brother. They ate those when the boy came home from school along with English Breakfast tea.

I too had tea. Decaf, and no pie. Instead, I ate two cookies. This is bad for my low carb thing I’m on currently, but it was only two tiny ones…


Now I’m sitting here typing my thoughts into the keyboard, and re-reading my story from this morning, wondering who will eat what for dinner tonight.  We don’t even have to eat in shifts as initially predicted. The boy’s practice isn’t till 7:30 pm, so we can eat when the girl gets back from gymnastics at 6:15.

Another perk worth mentioning: the practice is a 10 minute drive from home. 🙂

Sometimes, things don’t look as dire as I envision them on the weekend when updating and planning ahead for the week’s events occurs.

Must remember this for future use.  You know, to keep my anxiety in check.

Tuesday, you’re doing alright this week.

How was your day? Everyone busy buying (and eating) chocolate meant for Easter?

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