Coffee will get me through the week…

I’m sitting here with my second coffee wondering how to get through this week, leading into the Easter weekend.


The weather isn’t helping my omg/wtf state of mind…it’s cold and wet with no break in the foreseeable future.


Technically this is the perfect time to write. It’s gloomy out so why not brew a pot of some hot liquid and plug in all day?

Wish I could.

The weekend however will be something to look forward to. We’re not religious so we focus more on food and family, and the annual tradition of an Easter egg hunt in my parents’ backyard on Easter Sunday. Both kids still look forward to it if you can believe it…it turns into a fierce competition with the teen hoping to out-find his sister’s loot.

Don’t worry, she can hold her own… 😏

Due to my niece’s egg allergy back when she was still living in our province, my parents use plastic eggs and fill them with candy or coins. They kept this up, mostly because of the suburban wildlife that resides, or visits my parents’ property. Mom decided that the time has finally come to abandon growing vegetables because what’s the point? The bunnies, raccoons and who know what else treat her yard as a free-for-all buffet. 😜

Back in my day, my grandfather used to hide hardboiled eggs for us, which we coloured ourselves. I remember the last egg was always the hardest to find…we had to look up, because he hid it in the apple tree. 🙂

My mom is the queen of brunches. Her table, featuring homemade food, is a sight to behold, and the leftovers come home in a box later, for us to enjoy during the subsequent week. Makes it easier for me, launching right back into school/work/activities…

But to get to the weekend I first have to make it through THIS week…Tuesday is the worst day, currently. Everyone has stuff. Maybe I’ll make a pasta casserole and shove it in the oven, then people can eat whenever. Like some hotel service…😶

So, happy Monday. Send some sunshine north if you’re on my continent and you have some to spare thanks!

12 thoughts on “Coffee will get me through the week…

  1. I read this on Tuesday morning. I have the week off. It’s 10:30am and I have already put three loads through the washing machine. Miss 14 is now up, and asking about me taking her into town to spend her birthday money. I understand your mayhem only too well 🙂

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  2. This is an awesome post lol! Just like I told a friend earlier today, just take things one cup of coffee at a time and keep breathing lol!

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  3. Miss those days my kids are too old for egg hunt. We will be going out with family this yr . Coffee all day sounds good to me. The rain has stopped but we went from 63 to 40’s from this morning to now .. evening and the wind is roaring . Ughh

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  4. I would send some sunshine your direction except we’ve lacked in it here in Minnesota and I selfishly want to hang onto every ray. Because rain is moving in Wednesday – Thursday. I’m hoping for zero flight delays as the son is scheduled to arrive from Boston on Wednesday.

    I’m busy planning meals and, yes, finalizing grocery shopping lists to feed my nuclear family. I’m so so happy to have all of my “kids” back home for Easter. Seldom are we together given the geographical span of where everyone lives.

    I hope, as the week progresses, that more sunshine fills your days.

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