On the eve of a jam packed weekend

I hate shopping. Especially on Fridays. But then, the growing teen needs pants and shorts and both kids need sleepwear so when I saw this top, for me, I tried it on and bought it. 😊

See the tiny little bikes?

So cute!

I also had a donut. It’s NHL playoff season so I had a #Cream-Boston donut, normally called a Boston cream. Ha. πŸ˜„ (You gotta be Canadian, or at least somewhat into hockey to get this…)

The Toronto Maple Leafs creamed the Boston Bruins in Game 1 last night (4-1) so what the heck. I had me an overpriced, sugary donut.

I currently have a headache because of that. Serves me right. 😢

This is after I actually did something productive for a change. I returned 3 bins of empty booze bottles and got $14 in change back. Paid for the donut and coffee, anyway so it’s all good.

There’s another 3 bins of bottles to return (another day) but I had to pick up shoes for the teen he had on hold and Walmart was right there and since we’re low on toilet paper and out of paper towels and detergent I told myself to grin and bear it and went in.

I hate Walmart, but it was relatively painless. The cashier however was something else. She had fake eyelashes that covered her eyes completely so she couldn’t look down and simultaneously see the register. She had to do this weird head tilt to be able to see. I kept wondering why she had these lashes at work…I mean, Walmart’s atmosphere isn’t exactly like a night club.

Or is it? πŸ˜‚

Maybe I’m missing out on something…


When I got home I dropped all my crap and parked myself on the couch to blog this while shoving a store-bought lunch into me. Because once again the fucking Samsung fridge needs defrosting…

If you’re new here: Don’t buy Samsung appliances.

Anyway, this here drivel will have to suffice for today. The weekend is jam packed full and if I don’t get organized before the kids come home I may lose my mind.

Again. 😜

Never mind TGIF…when is it Monday again?

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