I moved an old blog to another free WordPress site and it has a weird interface.

It’s all about blocks.

I don’t like it.


21 thoughts on “Blocks

  1. I looked at the blocky interface when WordPress were pushing people to try it out. I didn’t like it and went back very quickly.

    In general, I write my posts in a text editor and paste them into WordPress when I’m ready. As long as I can keep doing this, I won’t complain πŸ˜‰

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  2. Is this for the new editor thing they suggested we try out a few months ago? I seem to recall seeing a notice about something which I ignored as it didn’t go into effect until 2020? Will everyone have to switch to blocks or is it optional?

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  3. The blocks interface is for a very good reason – it puts you in charge of layout, and the computer has half a chance of turning what you design into something that still makes sense behind the scenes (so the search engines can still make head or tail of your text). You can (for example) add images mid-post that half-hang out of the post, and they will still behave on mobile, tablets, or wherever else. Of course it all depends on your theme supporting the new styles, but yeah – it’s a *good* thing.

    Just don’t expect me to write within the WordPress interface any more – I’ve come to think of it as the place I paste my text when I’ve written something, and then make decisions about layout.

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    1. That makes sense, actually. Just a matter of getting used to it maybe? I’ll have to play around with it.

      In actual fact I prefer to write in wp-admin…wonder if anyone else does this?

      I knew a software peep would educate me on this…thank you. πŸ™‚


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