More complications

We booked our trip to Europe for this summer a few weeks ago. The tickets are printed and my girl child is constantly looking at them. She can’t wait and everyone who knows her knows how excited she is.

Last night, I get a school email about her brother’s graduation date. It’s the day after we leave.

Because of course it is. SIGH

Why is nothing in my life ever simple? Can someone explain this to me?

I didn’t know this piece of information yet when I was driving back from Brantford in gridlock traffic yesterday after my daughter’s two ringette games. The trip to the out of town rink was about an hour, which is not bad, but the trip back was way more because of the traffic. My thighs hurt…sitting immobile in the driver seat just pushing the brake and gas peddles alternatively kind of tightened the muscles in that area.

Woe is me.

My phone was buzzing the whole time too, people texting me or emailing me or the teamsnap app updating something…kind of distracting when the phone sits on your lap in a green leather baggie hanging off your shoulder. 🙂 Especially because I can’t check incoming messages when I’m driving…

Anyway, I digress.


I don’t know what we’re going to do about the graduation thing. My son’s school has four grade 8 classes: a full immersion French class, two extended French classes (one is his), and an English (regular) class. He knows many of the kids very well, some as far back as his Junior Kindergarten days.

That’s a lot of years he’s spend with some of those kids. Almost his entire life.

I would think graduating with all his friends would be a big thing, no matter how much he may dislike school at the moment…so I left it to him to decide if we should move the trip by a few days.

I wonder how he’ll answer.

In the meantime, it’s Saturday and raining. Yesterday was the nicest day but I was stuck in a rink all day. I would have loved to take out the rake and get the dead grass cleared off my front lawn…but that’s ok. There will be other sunny days.

We had fun at the tournament despite the losses. The games were exciting and competitive, that’s what matter,s the most.

I hope they can keep it together for tonight’s game. One more, probably our last one for this season. If we finish the tournament tonight, she will hang up her skates (or trade them in for larger ones for next year) and focus on upcoming baseball season. Which will be OUTDOORS…so nice for a change! 🙂

Happy Saturday.

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