Dog days

Yesterday was puppy day.

This dude.

He got here before anyone else was up, although the girl child heard the barking and appeared immediately. πŸ™‚

Puppy was ecstatic, needless to say. He’s met her before and they became instant BFF.

Then he saw the others who trickled in as they heard the commotion. More chaos ensued. πŸ™‚

By the time everyone finally left, he was bouncing off the walls with pent-up energy.Β  lol

I took him for a long walk in dry, sunny, albeit cold weather.

He was very interested in the complaining Canada geese…there were a couple nearby who seemed to want to prevent us from walking in that general area, so I bet they were protecting eggs near there.

Puppy was very perplexed. And tugging the leash like a maniac!

He wanted to chase them, which is why there’s no photo evidence. He gave me a full body workout trying to keep him steady on the leash. 😡

Then he saw the Mallard ducks in the nearby pond beside the lake and the tugging saga continued…

The path and trail were dry, thankfully, as the nights are still quite cold and froze the soil, which spared me muddy paws.

He was very good. Until about an hour before they picked him up. He got bored, so naturally he went looking for trouble.

First, he found a pencil the girl child left lying around when I encouraged pleaded begged forced her to clean her trail of clutter in anticipation of the puppy arrival the night before.

Then he stole a piece of art she made and left lying somewhere.

He also enjoyed ripping the dog bed and pull the stuffing out of the pillow-y sides.

Finally he brought a toy which squeaks endlessly (omg) and slobbered all over me.


I took him back out, to the tennis courts nearby. They’re fenced, with a gate that latches, so I took him off the leash and threw some balls around for him. THAT helped to burn some energy for a time…

What a fun day.

Today however is back to the regular routine.

Happy Hump Day!

19 thoughts on “Dog days

  1. What is that puppy. Lab? Great Dane? And what about that curly Q of a tail? We have a 100 pound plus moose puppy. Lab and Malamute the β€œpound” people proffered when we sprung him from the joint. I’m convinced he’s wanted in four states. And those closed off tennis courts are a God send.

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    1. Lol.
      Actually they don’t know what he is, some mutt. They claim he’s got Husky in him…I don’t really see it. He’s only about 4 months, I think he’ll still grow some. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Omg those squeaky toys! Luckily mine doesn’t like them anymore so he rips out the squeaky bit & keeps the toy… He’s a very good boy, wants to keep mummy happy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†β€

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  3. You know, we’d all be happier people if someone dropped a doggo off for each of us once a week. Except in this neighborhood there are SO MANY dogs running around loose I’d be scared to take a dog on a walk for fear we’d be attacked.

    My neighbor across the street has a dog that runs loose. I know him and once considered inviting him on my walk to the river with me, but then I thought about how awful it would be if he was attacked while out with me.

    I wish people would be more responsible with their animals.

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