Living the dream here…

Well I got a new phone.


The port wasn’t connecting with the charging cable. We went to two places to find out if it was fixable but no. Can’t have a phone that doesn’t charge now, can you.

It’s not a question.


Anyway I’m back in business and I cleaned up the contact list while I was at it, fixed some stuff with my apps, etc. That was my Sunday today.

My life is SO exciting! Please, don’t be jealous!!

If you must know, I also had a very exciting Saturday night, as well. I was at a rink! The girl child had a ringette game…

Can you believe it? I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it.


Anyway, it’s all good. There’s a shift in the weather and baseball season is just around the corner and hockey too is coming to a close by mid April…

I had hoped to post some fiction today on the blog. I didn’t have time. I will maybe get around to it this week…depends on how many dogs I have to walk.

Until then…

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday if you’re on my continent, and if you’re elsewhere…have a good night!

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