Weird vibes

I had a weird experience today.

Last week, a woman I see walking dogs in our neighbourhood asked me if I was willing to take on another dog. Let’s call her D. She said there was someone looking for a dog walker nearby, and she herself already has enough dogs, and I’m around…would I be interested?

I said yes. We exchanged numbers, and I sent D my info/experience pack I usually send to potential clients.

Nothing happened.

This week, I bumped into D again and the two dogs (hers, and mine) recognized each other and wanted to walk together. So us humans started chatting while trying to keep the pooches from tangling the leashes during their sniffing spree.

“I passed on your package to the woman I mentioned”, she said. “She lives right here, in this house.”

I looked, and we saw a woman and a man unloading something from a car across the street.

I thought, great, I’ll head across the street and introduce myself to her.

“Hi”, I said. “My friend here passed on my info package, I thought I’d introduce myself so you can put a face with the document.”

Both the woman and the man looked at me, and then at my friend.

Neither said anything. Or, if they did, I didn’t hear anything. They didn’t even emerge from behind the car, or said anything to D, whom they obviously know.


I got a weird vibe and so I said bye and we continued on our walk. D turned to me and said: “She knows someone in the ‘hood who is looking for a dog walker.”

Ah. I think maybe this woman, the one whom I tried to talk to, is also a dog walker. I don’t know exactly, but she looked a little familiar…is she the one I had been seeing walking during the early morning school walks, usually with a couple of dogs?

I’m not sure…

D, who is an elderly dog-walking lady, said next time she will put me into contact directly with the person looking to hire a dog walker. Instead of going through the woman we tried to talk to today.

I think this would be better.

The whole situation was kind of perplexing.

Reminds me though that I’m quite comfortable being an introvert. That seeking out social situations is not really my thing. And I like dogs. They don’t talk to me, I don’t expect them to talk to me, they just wag their tails and lick my face. πŸ™‚



9 thoughts on “Weird vibes

  1. Well that’s a strange encounter .. as was mine on Instagram …πŸ™„did you get my message? So sorry call it a flaky moment . Anyways I love talking to my animals now down to just one my daughters kitty. They don’t judge πŸ™‚

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