A rant that isn’t a rant

I had this whole big rant planned this morning. But instead of dwelling on the negativity I’ll just give you the short version:

The kids don’t like inconveniences and we parents protect them too much.


One problem is the instrument my tiny, diminutive daughter picked to play in band at school. The trombone. It’s huge, as big as her, and it’s heavy and awkward to carry the 11 blocks to school (if she walks).

She could take the streetcar, which means she only has to walk up the street (not even a full block) but there too it’s going to be awkward for her. The streetcar is packed with school children; elementary, high school and college. She’s so tiny, my girl, I don’t want her to get crushed, or her instrument damaged (it’s borrowed from school, doesn’t belong to her).

So naturally she asks if I can drive her on days she has band.

I always give the same answer: be ready on time.

Whatever. I’ll just grin and bear it and hope one day she’ll get a bit taller and can manage her stuff better. Technically, she’s not even my biggest issue, the teen boy is the one who is much more inclined to laziness and entitlement.

Anyway, I got home from driving them and made coffee while sitting in front of my laptop trying to figure out if I should rant here or rant to my German friend. (I ranted to her…lol)

But I’m over it now.

And you got the short version.

In the meantime, the sun is out and I’m hoping the temperatures are increasing (it was winter-coat cold this morning during the driving fiasco).

I have to walk Jasper today and, best part, I have a walking date. I will be walking with a friend and Molly, the Schnoodle.

Happy whatever-day-today-is. Hope your day started out better than mine. 🙂


7 thoughts on “A rant that isn’t a rant

  1. Hmm .. I can relate.. I was going to rant this morning too but as the night went by and I was up with the full moon it faded as well. Mine is about transportation too lol! My son being back I am happy about but let’s just say he needs a CAR! 🙄 there said it. It does get better though…

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