Knowing nothing

You ever get the feeling that you know nothing?

I get the feeling I know nothing about anything the older I get.

Maybe it’s because I live with a teenager who knows everything…๐Ÿ˜‰

This appears to be a theme on some blogs I frequent. For example, over at Pointless Overthinking, they asked this question:

In which domain do you consider yourself an expert?

In the comments, most people proclaim they are not experts at anything. I think this is a safe answer, but not necessarily an honest one… we’re all experts at something. Even if it means that our expertise is incomplete, or still developing.

I pondered this expert thing all day. Then I posted my own comment.

So how does one become an expert at something?

You can obtain expertise by acquiring knowledge, which is via education and reading. But education alone does not make someone an expert…

I realized this keenly just the other day when I helped someone put together a resume for a job he’s considering applying for. The job description requires minimum 2 years work experience in the field plus a certain degree. My friend has certification obtained at post-secondary schools but no degree. What he does have is 20 years hands-on work experience. This makes him valuable to a new employer despite the lack of advanced education. I would call him an expert in his current field of employment. I helped organize his resume in such a way that he can market himself as an expert for that particular job.

Another way to obtain expertise is through life experience. Everyone goes through that, although some people take longer to understand its process in tangible terms. I sometimes wonder how to explain this to my know-it-all teen…

I’m no expert at most things but I can achieve success regardless. And with each passing experience, I gain more experience.

Taking advantage of opportunities that come your way is one way of increasing your skills, which is easier said than done for introverts like me. I will admit, however, that over the past half year or so I have expanded beyond my comfort zones exponentially, which has led to some surprising opportunities. Not only that, but I got a few potential jobs lined up now…an increase in income is always a nice plus. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you consider yourself an expert at? Is it mostly work related, or are there personal achievements you can think of?


17 thoughts on “Knowing nothing

  1. I like to think we are each gifted in certain areas. If we choose to use those talents, then we become better at them, more experienced and knowledgeable. We always continue to learn, grow, develop. We become good at a certain skill. For example, Iโ€™m good at writing and photography. But I donโ€™t necessarily consider myself an โ€œexpert.โ€ Can anyone truly ever be an expert. I donโ€™t think so.

    As far as the teen thinking you know littleโ€ฆsome day he will recognize and value your wisdom.

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      1. Oh yes defiantly is ! I always loved them home when summer vacation came but by the time the last month of vacation oh was I ready to renew declutter .. Iโ€™ll tell you my son being back for about a week letโ€™s see my kitchen table and chairs are the target of his glasses, hats headphones , phone charger shall I go on ๐Ÿ™„ and he states our house has too many things ..

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  2. A teenage son of my husband’s friend just moved into our area and got a job very quickly as a line cook. He has experience in the field and actually is now in his 20’s but his dad still treats him like a teenager. I say the jobs are out there. There are many opportunities for him as long as he stays with his initial idea. He has his GED now, trade schools are opening and interested in him. I would say the problem is him but hoping he stays the course and starts acting like his is 23 years old and not 16. Thanks for letting me rant. Only because his father is a friend of my husband, so I hear the saga.

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  3. I don’t consider myself as an expert of anything. I am a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece if you like… learning from life’s experiences is the journey, being an expert is the destination.
    BTW regarding your friend, experience is often so much more valuable than knowledge.

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  4. At first I was going to say Iโ€™m not an expert at anything. But I am an expert of me. Not as much as I used to be because life gets in the way more now.
    I am growing expertize in writing. Resently Indie Authorship forced me into learning more about marketing. I love learning new things.

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