March Break almost over*

*next week they’re back in school.

Actually, it hasn’t been too bad, between the appointments to the dentist several times this week, some visits to the Cineplex, art camp for the girl child and a bit of dog walking for me.


Things are unraveling here…I have little time to do my writing with all the interruptions and having to drive and pick up constantly. This chips away at my sanity. And I have so! many! ideas! at the moment I want to get out of my head…


So, I don’t have much to share today. Here’s my current life in pictures.

Art girl does art at home on the kitchen island after returning from art camp and leaves everything there all the time. I bought her bins to store her supplies. She doesn’t use them unless I threaten to take away screens…Interestingly she has a very tidy work station at art camp…

Teenagers on the sofa with screens. When they’re not plugged into fortnite downstairs or watching tv…

Yeah, I don’t know where the shoe closet or hooks for coats are located, either. And yes, that’s duct tape on the mat. I had dogs here a few weeks ago and if the mats aren’t taped down… whatever.

I gave up making the bed. 😦

New dumping ground for everyone’s crap.

Tweens and their screens on the sofa.

One of these days I’m going to set fire to the basement office…

On a positive note, it’s been warmer and the ice and snow are melting. I actually ditched my winter coat and put on my rain jacket instead.


Happy almost Friday…

6 thoughts on “March Break almost over*

  1. I love these glimpses at daily life!!!! What did I lounge around doing at home as a pre-teen and teenager? I think I was either watching TV or in my room with the door closed listening to records or the radio. Drove my Dad nuts that I “never” left my room. LOL

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