Mid-week thoughts

I live in denial at least half the time I’m awake.

It’s a special talent I have.

The struggles, the turmoil, it tugs at me, pulls me deeper into my self.

I wonder what is going on.


While I ponder all this denial I have the usual stuff happening around here. Kids have dentist today, and there’s playoff hockey which is always filled with drama. Also, we’re out of OJ and milk, almost out of bread (how did I not know this when I shopped two days ago?) and there’s still too much ice outside. So I bought myself some flowers on the weekend. πŸ˜‰

My dog cancelled today, no walking. I need to advertise again on facebook and offer my services to other people. I can probably take on two more, pending their location.

The additional exercise will be good for fitness, the money will help with the food budget. And I like walking. 😊

Also, there’s a trip to πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ to plan. My aunt sent me a few pictures of my old neighborhood, where I grew up. The little farm house is gone, there’s apartments in its place now. No more cows on the pasture to pass on the way to school…πŸ™

There will be much cheese eating and chocolate buying however! πŸ§€πŸ«

Putting one foot in front of the other…

Happy hump day.

13 thoughts on “Mid-week thoughts

  1. The trip to your childhood beginnings sounds wonderful! We all need to hide. Yesterday was my day to hide after a trip to the dentist. Ouch, regarding the cost and the procedure. Where do I go? Inside a book and a cup of strong coffee.

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  2. I really hate the urban sprawl going on around here. old farmsteads with their grove of trees have been pushed over and covered up with single family homes or town homes. and then what do they plant? trees! disregard the wonderful old oak trees that they bulldozed over so they can plant new trees. dumb!

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