Life with teens

Did you take my phone? The teenager wants to know.

No. Why would I take your phone? I respond.

He checks all his pockets in his pants, his hoodie, his hockey jacket. No phone.

He starts to panic a little.

Maybe you left it in the car, I suggest.

No, I didn’t, he says.

We’re sitting in the dentist office waiting for the kids to get their cleaning.

I flash back to the bank where I went prior to going to the dentist. I left the kids in the car, but they both followed me to the teller.

Did he maybe leave it there?

He thinks not.

My son keeps patting down his various pockets, then started unzipping all the bags I had with me.

I had two bags, both with several zippers.

I don’t have your phone, I repeat, trying to get him to stop rummaging through my stuff.

He continues to search.

No luck.

Finally, he sits down beside me and snatches my phone out of my hands.

I hate that.

Never mind that I don’t want him in my apps, but that’s just rude.

Ask me to call your phone, I say under my breath. Don’t just take my phone.


I worry the secretaries are watching this. Where did I go wrong with this kid?


He ignores me. Starts looking through my apps (I really hate that) and then types into Google “find my phone”.

My phone’s Android, I say. Yours is Apple.


Of course the search comes up as unsupported…

I take my phone back and offer to call his phone.

He gets up, pats down his jacket again, and finds his phone in some obscure pocket.

The end.

PS. Send wine. Or at least thoughts and prayers.

30 thoughts on “Life with teens

  1. Hi, I’m a teen who currently has a phone. I think a lot of adults think that all teenagers are unhealthily obsessed with their phones. While the vast majority is, not all are. I think one of the problems I notice a lot is just the lack of boundaries. My parents let me know their expectations and boundaries for my phone. I’m far-very far-from perfect, but just an idea. My point is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Good Luck! (my blog!)

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    1. Very true Ariana, thank you for chiming in. As parents, we try to teach boundaries and respecting them. Not all kids are willing, but it’s a learning curve for all of us.

      I will check out your blog, thank you for sharing. 😊


  2. You’ve done nothing wrong with your teen, mine does the same thing, phone snatching. So if you’ve done something wrong it means I’ve done something wrong, and we both can’t be wrong.

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  3. We seem to be fighting a battle at the moment with teaching our children not only to keep their phones secure, but also not to try to break into each other’s phones. It’s a nightmare.

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  4. oh lord lol!

    I have to keep inappropriate (“naked”) pics out of my phone because my kids have access to it …. but maybe you should do the opposite and START keeping inappropriate (and pics that would be gross to him lol) in yours! Like of 100 year old people or something! Or like of us middle aged peeps lol same difference to a teenager. That would teach him to not pilfer!

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